Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 22nd February 2021

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 22nd February 2021

This day there will be challenges that you must solve rationally and intelligently, as corresponds to your Leo sign. Use your intuitive mind creatively, not coercing others. If you have a hunch, apply it to your job, but don’t discuss it with other co-workers because the results would be counterproductive and they could misinterpret you. In love, be prudent and do not say what you think right away, you could err because appearances are often deceiving.

You may want to be absolutely clear with your language and terminology. You could find yourself negotiating a business deal or contract. You must use vocabulary that is easy to understand. With the excitement of the situation, you could speak too hastily. Don’t let your points get lost in this manic energy.leo daily horoscope 22nd february 2021

You will happily overcome the unexpected love difficulties and the obstacles that are presenting themselves in your love life that prevent you from fully enjoying your intimacy. Try to get away with your partner to a private place and be alone the two of you.

Mars has entered your astral system. This planet will bring out your anxieties and your doubts if you are in a relationship. You will have to be careful not to hurt your partner if you decide to express your pain. No matter what, he will always be there for you and lend you his shoulder if you need to cry. Steamy and sensual encounters are to be expected if you are single. Put yourself on your 31st. If this kind of relationship isn’t your cup of tea, skip your turn this time!

You may feel a strong urge to care for or protect someone. You may find that your child needs guidance right now. Or your partner might need more affection from you. Allow yourself to connect with people in an intimate, loving way. You will want to express how you feel for your loved ones. Don’t shy away from saying “I love you” when they really need to hear it!

Put your innate body awareness to work and listen to the voice within you. If you feel like doing some exercise, do it, if, on the contrary, you look for time to rest, relax, follow your inspirations and intuitions.

All is well on the health side! You benefit from superb vitality and can say goodbye to hitting the bar in the middle of the afternoon. Use your dynamism by practicing a sport, even light such as walking. It will be beneficial for your mind and your physique, so do not deprive yourself of it. Combine this with a healthy and balanced diet and try to eat at set times to get your body used to it again.

Maybe you feel sentimental about an old love. There will be something that reminds you of an old relationship. Maybe it’s a song on the radio. It could be the melody that had a special meaning for this old relationship, or you may meet someone who reminds you of that person. You could examine some memories of that time, analyzing how you have grown and changed since then.

You may not have the necessary help today to carry out a work project, but you will be able to finish it successfully, and then you will feel the satisfaction of having done something positive. Do not be guided by the comments of others and insist.

Today is one of those days when you feel capable of conquering the world. You feel strong and determined, wanting to take the world ahead of you. At this moment you can reach a goal, realize your ambitions, or perhaps luck will cross your path. Today is a great day to look for another job, ask for a raise, or make one of your favorite projects a success.

Money and Luck
Now that the Moon is in transit through your opposite sign, give yourself the gift of spontaneity, and leave suspicions behind. Explore an idea that seems unrealizable, but that you can start and get a great economic profit. Your daring in business will do the rest. Go ahead, Leo! Leo Luck Today

You have an amazing ability to find people to help you throughout your life. Don’t be surprised if today you suddenly hear from an old friend. He will probably offer you an opportunity that seems too good to be true. Listen to what he has to say to you, even take notes during the conversation. Later, when your enthusiasm subsides a bit and your head cools, you can review the notes and see if the proposal is really as good as you think.

Are you in love? You are a real head of linnet, permanently in the clouds. Deconcentrated, you forget appointments, meetings, conference calls, while displaying a disconcerting good mood. You see life on the bright side and give others a perpetual smile. Of course, you are a charming and completely recreational colleague, but this “Menalque” side could ultimately inspire a little distrust in others. The best advice you can take is to buy a planner and line your desks with post-it notes!

Family and Friends
Thanks to the position of Mercury and Venus, this day promises to be exceptional on a personal level. You are not immune to reconnecting with a loved one whom you have not seen for a very long time or to receive news from a member of your family whose distance weighed on you morally. If you want to bring up a touchy subject with a friend and are afraid of their reaction, take advantage of Heaven’s leniency towards you to clearly express your thoughts. You should find a reassuring ear who can advise you.

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