Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 24th December 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 24th December 2018

This planetary transit is excellent for you because it helps you to learn from your past experiences and put things in their right half.

Most likely you have had unpleasant situations with false or negative people, some very hypocritical or bad friends, but all that is left behind because good friendships and real values now shine for you, even those who least think will help you the most.leo daily horoscope today monday 24 december 2018

With the direct transit you Mercury what previously seemed difficult, impossible or distant stops being a chimera to go becoming a reality. It is a good time to start some kind of friendly and sentimental relationship. Things are going well for you.

There are excellent recuperative waves in your astrological horizon so put aside those concerns and susceptibilities and look to the future with a new perspective because as you renew yourself inside your health will improve.

If you leave a stable job that at the moment is giving you money and benefits for something fancy and unlikely you would be risking your present and compromising your future. You must be very sure before taking such a step.

Money and Luck
Maybe it is not your style and you do not feel comfortable doing it, Leo, but if today you feel tempted to participate in a game of chance it is very possible that you receive money because you have a wave of luck in your aura and the money could come to you for those tracks.

By Mary Emma

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