Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 29th July 2019

Apply your knowledge in a positive way so that nothing and no one tarnishes your happiness or cause you restlessness with absurd ideas that have nothing to do with you. It is your constructive weekend within your birthday cycle in which many things that seemed impossible to you begin to take shape.

You will be coming into contact with people you have not seen for a long time and now they want to share their time with you. What you thought was irreparable or lost now returns to your life.

Your inner world is harmonized and you feel at peace with yourself. The current planetary position will allow you to take the necessary steps to attract a person who interests you very much. A romance can arise between them.

If you gained weight recently, you will have to eliminate some foods that you like very much in your diet to achieve the health goals to which you aspire so much, however, do not forget that a diet, without physical activity, is not recommended.

Concentrate in detail on what you are doing-especially if you work with delicate equipment. You could make some simple mistakes, but if you are attentive and alert you will not have difficulties and you will solve any job eventuality very well.

Money and Luck
Commercial transactions with people in charge of business abroad are not fully favored so you must be cautious, patient and very analytical when doing customs formalities where the money is required.


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