Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 30th November 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 30th November 2020

This Monday when you have the good energy of the Moon in transit through a telluric element, which gives support to your ideas, whatever you decide to do now you will achieve. It is your time to enjoy yourself with those you love so much. You have extra energy and motivation and you feel the owner of your life, love, and your destiny, something that has been happening to you for a long time and you do not explain why. The positions of the Sun in aspect with the other planets exhibit a highly positive tone for you, very exciting and encouraging. At the least expected moment, what you expect happens and you feel inspired to take a qualitative leap in your existential reality, attracting to you all the good to which you are creditable. The month of December will arrive with the doors open.

Are you going shopping today? If so, expect at some point to be faced with a luxurious item that you had your eye on but didn’t justify buying. Don’t be impulsive, but don’t hold back unnecessarily either. Will you really enjoy the article? Or is it something that you will use for a while, and then put aside and ignore? Do what you want, but make sure you know the truth! Think about it!leo daily horoscope 30th november 2020

You are growing in everything you do, Leo. The cycles that you live now arouse your sentimental interest, Leo. Life will teach you something new. You could be disappointed by the unexpected attitude of someone you considered your friend and were thinking of turning into a love relationship. Don’t be disappointed and take it as a lesson to learn.

Today you will spend time with different couples in your life. You and your partner are going on a double date with another partner. Or you will spend your time with your extended family, observing how your relatives get along in their own marriages. You will think about what it takes to create a successful romantic relationship. You will want to take notes in case you have a hunch!

Considering the bad aspects of Jupiter, you could have a busy day on the sentimental front. If you are in a relationship, your spouse will blame you for your lack of investment and sharing. And he’s not wrong! For some natives, it is their past in love that hinders them in expressing their feelings, for others, it is the fear of expressing their emotions. However, one thing is certain: it will make an effort to spice up your life together if you don’t want your relationship to erode.

Your body emits signals that will alert you to worry more about your health. Any physical problem, if it is treated in time, does not complicate or cause major disorders if you take care of yourself, but avoid the charlatans who have now multiplied like lobsters and want to be “Internet doctors”.

Between too much and nothing, a happy medium exists. With your personal resources, it’s up to you to find it. Measure the amount of exercise and rest to alternate during your week. Take into consideration that this alliance remains essential for maintaining your shape. If necessary, you can always hire the services of a professional coach. This magician will be better able to advise you on the procedure to follow and the steps to take. Reconciliation with your bodily stature is coming!

Will you be in a good mood today? You have a great deal of creative energy and are more than capable of using it practically. Enjoy the day doing exactly what you feel like doing. The concessions you can make today will only frustrate you in the long run. Dedicate yourself to what you like and take advantage of the day to solve certain pending personal issues.

You have a great idea, but it will only work if you put your energy and enthusiasm into it. To be successful in a novel work plan, you require the collaboration of others. Do not try to impose your ideas, but rather to convince with arguments. If you work as a team you will achieve results because your charisma and magnetic personality make you a leader par excellence, Leo.

What if you dedicated a little of your time to others? If you work, it will be difficult perhaps, but you know very well the number of things that can be done in an hour. You live it every day! If you don’t work, this will allow you to be in contact with others and you may discover a vocation that will open up new opportunities. Think about it.

Money and Luck
In about two days when the month of December begins, you will be facing a very different panorama than usual. Adjust to the changes that are going to occur in your economic reality because at first, they will seem negative, however, when you analyze them and look at them with the correct perspective, you will understand that far from harming you they were benefiting you. Leo Luck Today

Air travel may be presented to you, perhaps in the company of friends. A group with which you are affiliated will want you to take a trip together, perhaps to a site associated with artistic or spiritual traditions. Your crush can accompany you, making it a romantic getaway and an adventure. Tip: bring enough money! Your friends will want to go to nice places!

Are you wondering about your career? Did you necessarily make the right choices from the start? Why can’t you convince a potential employer? Wouldn’t your knowledge deserve a little update? Is there anything at your age that would prevent you from reaching the job of your dreams? A skills assessment would take stock of your qualifications and highlight your qualities as well as your shortcomings. This outside help would give you a new perspective on your professional life, which could well prove to be decisive.

Family and Friends
The intemperance of Mars wins you over and you illustrate yourselves by your intransigence. Willingly giver of lessons, you show yourselves of a conformism like no other. Grand Ayatollah of “you just had to listen to me”, you rejoice in the disappointments of each other as long as they agree with you all along the line. Your irreproachable way of life intoxicates you and makes you dull. A little humility would make you more human and less unapproachable.

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