Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 3rd December 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 3rd December 2018

What you want you can achieve, Leo. However, beware of the jealousy and possessive desires that are now continue due to the retrograde transit of Mercury because you could fall into a sentimental trap. If you have a stable partner, enjoy your life without major complications, do not let yourself be carried away by appearances or suspicions.

On the other hand, the astral influence of this planetary cycle of the moon of December influences your sixth sense and causes you dreams that will give money in games of chance, casinos, lotteries and raffles.leo daily horoscope today monday 3rd december 2018

In these weeks the energies that are enveloping you are intense on the sentimental level. If you are thinking about starting a relationship with someone you are interested in, guide yourself through your intuitions before giving the yes. The moon envelops you with a conquering and intense tone.

Your health is at a happy moment and in a few days you will be fully restored if you have been suffering from disorders associated with the digestive tract, the liver, the gallbladder or the intestines in general. If that is not your case then enjoy what life offers you.

Soon you will be receiving very interesting offers and proposals which are worth taking into consideration because in them there is money, position and prestige. The plans that you make in your work life for the rest of the current year are very well sponsored if you stay firm and constant in your decisions, Leo.

Money and Luck
There are positive strokes of luck in chance and also in promising dreams. Be guided by your instinct that will allow you to recognize good business. Ways are opened that will give you money abundantly and full of future possibilities.

By Mary Emma

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