Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 4th October 2021

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 4th October 2021

Check Leo daily horoscope for Monday, October 4th, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. As much as you suddenly try to be a much more consistent person, there are certain people with whom you cannot tolerate being around. Regardless of whether they are familiar, you tend to be very transparent because you do not deal with double faces. You always insist on seeing for the justice of others, but when your patience is full, you are unable to see who you respond to without filters.

At the same time, the lunar energy is united with the rulership of the card that indicates that no matter what exists around you, you can find immediate answers to those family problems that keep you on your head. You focus too much on your family that you suddenly lose consciousness.leo daily horoscope for today monday 4th october, 2021

Today some unexpected changes will occur. You will face having to get used to using new equipment that you have never used. Don’t panic. You will do well, and once you get used to it, you will be a real ace. Try to focus your mind on this for now, and learn as much as you can. You can do it!

This Monday, October 4th, do not confide in just anyone, not everyone can share your dreams. Your energy prompts you to distract from material considerations, your exchanges will make you come back down to earth gently. You will have no trouble evolving in a good atmosphere because your good mood will be communicative. Your entourage is overwhelmed by your presence and your zest for life.

Now is a good time to invite your friends over for a little dinner at home or away. You are popular, you get through the day sheltered from bad weather and you shine with all your fires, you communicate easily and you revive the debates. The sky is finally giving you the means to take action by revealing your batteries.

You will need to be more accurate when turning your energy towards the things that are important and not the ones you do to look good to others. I wish fortune was always on your side, but right now it doesn’t shine as it should, especially in negotiations between you and your family.

You will discover that someone close, possibly a family member, will need a hand today. It is also likely that out of pride he does not ask for help. Don’t let that stop you. If you recognize a situation where you can be of help, do so. Don’t wait for an invitation or request – just take the circumstance into account and do what you can. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated and you will feel great about what you have accomplished.

The breath of Venus takes you into the eddies of a hitherto unseen passion. You read Belle du Seigneur with greed surprised that your story is described there with clockwork precision. Your unadventurous nature was not prepared for such a cataclysm, but you improvise with skill. Transformed, today you nurture the desire to follow this passion to the end, whatever the cost. You have gained in courage what you have lost in security.

Consume diuretic drinks that help relieve discomfort due to swelling in your feet, you can take natural sugar-free Jamaica flower that is rich in antioxidant nutrients as well. Try to avoid all that food that is high in sweet content, because you suddenly neglected and you will have to clean your energy.

Today you will be overflowing with vitality. In other words, you will feel great personal satisfaction. You will not be afraid to interact with people and you will not be assailed by so many doubts and insecurities. Today is a special day to work a little less and ask yourself why you feel so good. Then you can feel good whenever you want!

Under the pressure of Venus, you suffer from a feeling of cold, well localized. Your extremities (nose, hand, foot) have trouble warming up. You don’t notice it (because a lot of people are!) But it could be a sign of mild hypothyroidism. To regulate your thyroid, you can enrich your diet with oats, seaweed, in the form of food supplements, black currant, or black spruce essential oil. These few tips will help you deal with the eternal problem of cold feet and your partner will thank you for it.

Money and Luck
Suddenly you have to be energetic to be able to collect what you have loaned, you were a good person to procure someone homeless but you need your money so you can get out of a hurry immediately. Although he will not have everything you gave him, he could provide you with a part but you must be patient because the person you helped is worse than you.

Adopt a new attitude towards life and realize that things change no matter how much you want to stay in the current situation. People may seem restless and headstrong to you. Be careful not to participate in gossip. You may hear a voice from the past telling you to open up to their way of thinking.

Take advantage of this beautiful day to shine in the field of finance, you have a presence and you are a formidable opponent for those who would like to compete with you. Don’t be afraid to throw up challenges that impress. The Moon gives you the consistency to carry out certain initiatives. In other words, you have continuity in the ideas. This allows you a certain width of the view. You manage to play on several tables while maintaining the balance.

Your work is in a good moment so that you can feel safe not to lose it, you have seen a series of people parade who had to run. Probably this week you meet those who speak badly of the company, but if you feel comfortable and have no need to do so, avoid it. It would have varied consequences if you do the same as everyone else, just because some are unlucky, you don’t have to find yourself in the same circumstance.

You will feel calm and relaxed. You don’t want to pressure yourself to do anything that is too exhausting for you. Your muscles will need to rest from recent exertion. Or your brain will need to rest for a while since this week you have been very worried. Today you can permit yourself to be a rag doll, with loose and flexible arms. Your mind and body need to rest.

The astral atmosphere provides for some financial constraints, especially if you own several properties. If you manage to save as much money as possible, for example by limiting unnecessary expenses, you will be able to support yourself when you need it. Whether you are in the office, on construction sites, or working from home, the day will be going wonderfully. You will accomplish your missions and be delighted with the work done. It’s also a good day to ask for a raise.

Family and Friends
Strongly influenced by Mars, many natives of the sign today only dream of escape, adventure, and the great outdoors. If your schedule and your state of health allow it, we can only advise you to take a few relatives on board and plan a day dedicated to outdoor sports such as canoeing, trekking, climbing, or mountain biking. Are you not used to doing this sort of thing? Now is the time to get started … You only live once after all!

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