Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

You are in the middle of the tone of surprise and unpredictability with the Moon in your opposite sign. Look around you and you will see that wonderful person capable of changing your destiny. Your period of solitude is over and life rewards you with a passionate stage.

Age does not matter at the time of love, so do not stop before prejudices or false ideas and act with the decision and enthusiasm of your Leo sign so you can move forward your sentimental issues. There is a touch of luck in chance that puts in your hands a money at the moment you need it most. Follow your hunches.leo daily horoscope today monday 6th may 2019

Some people who pretend to be you are turning around. This is nice if you do not have a relationship at the moment, but if you are committed you must act with extreme caution so that misunderstandings do not arise and unpleasant scenes occur.

Most health problems are in your mind and your imagination. Disconnect them and you will see how they resolve more quickly than you thought. Above all do not give way to pessimism. Your attitude will relieve you of many discomforts.

The planets turn in your favor and if you were hesitant about accepting or not accepting a new job, do not hesitate. Although it is not ideal work is what you now need as an indispensable springboard to jump into the future and improve your working conditions, a kind of sentimental catapult.

Money and Luck Today
Separate negative thoughts and fill yourself with positive force. A letter, an email or a phone call can radically change your life and an impossible one will become a thriving economic reality very soon.

By Mary Emma

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