Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th January 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th January 2019

Delicate issues will begin to be resolved, basically those associated with legal, labor or family issues. There are good news. Each encounter is different and you do not have to think that it will go wrong again. Live intensely today.

The effluvium of planets like Mars and Mercury continues acting on your Leo sign and your capacity for adaptation will be put to the test, the unexpected happens especially in the romance intimacy. You will see how those who least thought you confess something that will leave you perplexed. Take it all with ease, in a sporty way and it will go better.leo daily horoscope today monday 7th january 2019

There are many circumstances that are surrounding you during this day, Leo. Everything in life is subject to changes. An unpleasant experience from the past should not impede the enjoyment of your current happiness. This is an exciting season in which love will occupy the center of your attention.

A desire for emotional evolution tickles the mind today? You are in tune with the astral atmosphere of the day, marked by a need for nobility, respect and respectability. Exit emotions too evanescent, love complicated. Be demanding.

In couple: During this day, privilege the useful to the pleasant. Impulses facilitate the sense of emotional and sentimental responsibility. No conjugal warmth, a harmony to live simply in the certainty that it really exists.

Single: The emotions of the day install a delicate climate for your sentimental search. It is a question of privileging the mature and responsible people rather than the crazy and superficial ones. If the emotional commitment scares you, go your way today. Leo Love Horoscope Today

There is a harmonic balance in your horoscope associated with your health problems. The hair and skin will require special care today and if you properly guide your energy in a positive way you will achieve excellent results, Leo.

In your astral horizon there is a business trip or an invitation to dinner in which there is an offer of employment or the possibility of improving your current work status. It is not definitive, but it has a chance of success and you should not close the doors.

Money and Luck
Issues related to loans and credits are well supported, but not randomly so do not risk your fortune in improvised games. Put your mind to work and you will see how great ideas come up to make the money you need.

The end of the tunnel is approaching but you have to face a financial strain. Beware of material losses and excesses of all kinds. You should be able to right the bar and finally consider the future on a small cloud. Have a nice trip.

The planets are well placed and conducive to withdrawal, introspection and background work. This is not your favorite occupation, but you will get a lot of satisfaction and, above all, new certainty for the future.

Today you will find an affectionate, social mood, with planetary energies filling you with desires of company and fun. It would be good if you planned an entertaining evening with friends. You will want some adventure, like going to a musical concert of your favorite singer or going to the city to dance. Your partner will enjoy your spontaneous air tonight, so do not be afraid to include it.

A radical force will make you question your strongest convictions. Unalterable principles by which you have governed your whole life. Although it may represent a problem for you, it is simply the next step in your process of personal evolution and you must accept it as such. Although change is sometimes difficult to adopt, this is a challenge that you must answer.

Today can be one of those days where you feel like dancing on the street instead of walking. Get up and have fun. Look at the beauty of the things around you and remember that there is a tile bird on your shoulder. Keep things simple and fun and do not be surprised if you find yourself fantasizing much more than usual. Today communication with others will flow smoothly, although it may have a slightly more superficial than serious character.

You will receive good news from a distant place or foreign country. You will spend the rest of the day enjoying what you heard. However, this will not affect your relationship with others or with your work. Whatever the projects you are facing at this moment, it is a good day to go out. Go for a walk. Enjoy the day.

By Mary Emma

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