Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 10th August 2019

On this day that your ruler the Sun is approaching the time of the last chance of the year tomorrow, Saturday follow your intuitions and hunches and you will see how what seemed impossible becomes a tangible and fruitful reality. That distant person looks for you, do not be impatient, if you suffered a disappointment now you are on the path of loving reconciliation.

It will require a lot of patience on your part in a work project that seems endless and is taking longer than the account. It is not the time for rainfall but rather to wait and trust your personal resources that arise as a gift from your birthday cycle.

A blind date, perhaps through the Internet or through a third party produces excellent results. However, do not give everything on the first date and explore the possibilities of starting a much more stable and promising relationship.

Time to go thinking about your next medical evaluation if you have not had your periodic review. Do not let the year-end without going to your health professional, attending to minor symptoms, preventing and taking care of yourself.

Focus your attention on what interests you and do not take care of what others say. You can not stay well with everyone, and if you follow your principles, ideas, and motivations without deviating from setbacks you will gain prestige in your work.

Money and Luck
The perspectives that are emerging in your economic horizon are encouraging and therefore you must act with intelligence, but also boldness, and put aside the negative or pessimistic ideas that often prevent you from achieving your goals and have nothing to do with your stupendous and regal sign Leo.

Lucky Numbers Today

7 16 24 38


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