Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 18th August 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 18th August 2018

If they propose a change of employment or position, and it suits you, accept it without reservations. The hindrances or hindrances are now things of the past because you are in a highly energized tone. A challenge, a challenge to your intelligence and creativity will give you a great opportunity to show your talent and improve your current status.

A change is imposed, a different way of looking at life. There is an offer of employment or a trip that can help you financially. If they invite you to a game of chance, or they offer you a raffle, you could make money because in these days your intuition is very in tune.leo daily horoscope today saturday 18th august 2018

Pose directly your desires and do not go around with detours, but do not neglect the sensitive aspects in your communication because if you say immediately the first thing that occurs to you, without measuring the consequences, you would hurt who you love, especially now that Mercury is retrograde.

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Today changes in lifestyles are favored. If you have been sleeping a little, or too much, and do not feel courageous and vital when you wake up, it is a sign to modify your schedules and overcome what may be running out in your life.

It is an excellent time to make telephone contacts, send email and communicate with friends who are located in key positions in other companies because maybe in a short time you may need them.

Money and Luck
If today you find yourself depressed for lack of money, shake off that negativity and project yourself decisively towards the achievement of your objectives. Think that this situation is transient, and you will be able to overcome it sooner than expected because you are in an ascending birthday cycle and you have never seen a Leo without resources.