Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th August 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th August 2018

The transit of the Moon on this Sunday and the imminence of the eclipse in your sign attract fortune to your life and accentuate your intuition. If they propose a good business and you need money to be able to take advantage of it, try to obtain it in different ways and collect the necessary amount because in a few days it will give you many fruits.

The steps you take at this time will be supported by your experience and augur successes in what you decide to do. There is an unexpected visit to your home that will be a reason for family rejoicing and will bring a dose of enthusiasm to everyone.leo daily horoscope today sunday 19th august 2018

Life is to enjoy it, not to spoil it fighting or with constant arguments. This day, with the astral influence that surrounds your sign, you feel in a conciliatory tone and you are willing to give in and forget, forgive and ignore the circumstances that once caused you sentimental disagreements.

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You receive a healing vibration that helps you recover energy and gives you the strength to get out of a recent light infectious process, it can be a tonsillitis or pharyngeal problem. Your sign responds well to treatments.

With the lunar transit of this Sunday favorable elements move in your horoscope and if you are waiting for an answer to start a job this is a Sunday of happy surprises. Possibly you will be starting a well-paid job in a few days.

Money and Luck
Attentive, Leo! It will present a good opportunity to reinvest in a business that once worked badly, but now it is recovering economically. You should give it a second chance, but this time act with more caution and foresight.