Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th December 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th December 2020

If you over-sweeten your opinions so as not to hurt, you can go to the side of hypocrisy. In order not to be accused of it, it is better that you tell the truth carefully. The possibilities of meeting funny people are many. If you want to give yourself a gift, the time has come. The work environment is going to be somewhat tense. A headache will bother you during the day. Some very favorable encounters are in the offing. Don’t isolate yourself, whatever you do. Luck is there, waiting. Your partner will be more direct than usual. Do the same and your relationship will be even better. If you are single, remember to be authentic before you start seducing someone. You are going to make up for a lost time, a fact that weighed on your conscience. This is a good time to tackle tough jobs.

Health complications can come from the respiratory system. It will be time to quit a bad habit, if you have one, or at least try. In any case, extreme caution with temperature changes is recommended. You will be in a hurry to finish everything because you will want to make preparations for the holidays since you usually enjoy them a lot. But running nonstop is not going to help you do better. Do not demand so much perfection and let something not be perfect, it does not matter so much. You should start thinking about taking a different path concerning your work, it is time to mess up your life a bit to take risks that will lead you to achieve many things in the future.leo daily horoscope 19th december 2020

Expect to be visited by relatives or friends today. An aunt, your parents, or cousins might invite each other to lunch or dinner. Or it is you who will go to see them. It’s a good day for a family reunion. Your loved ones will want to know how you are doing and they will be happy to hear that your life is going without major worries. Parents are always proud to have prepared their children for happiness!

A bit of patience! Of course, it is not always easy to watch others take their time and take more coffee breaks when urgent work should have already been completed … But try to stay calm! Even if you feel like shaking your partner’s fleas, avoid getting carried away. Learn to control yourself and stay calm at all times. You will see how much time and energy you will save by starting the dialogue.

You are not the last to blame, but you rule out any personal questioning. Worse: you willingly take others to witness your vexations, in diatribes worthy of a CM1 student. “Since it’s like that, you are going to tell your mother”! Well, tell him … Under the influence of the moon, you adopt an immature behavior that makes you be laughed at by your partner. Ascendant Pisces, pull yourself together, you are swimming in troubled waters, these little strolls are hardly like you.

Perhaps you would do well to work on the clarity of your expression. In the course of your work, you have perhaps been criticized for being too gentle on the goat and the cabbage, to the point that your point of view loses clarity and above all, in commitment. This day is ideal to get rid of some too great scruples.

In your work, this time focus on application and method. Haste, like ardor, will surely be the mother of failure. Direct your energies towards specific goals and stick to them.

Money and Luck
What strength today! Nothing can stop you in your conquests! It must be said that at this moment when you have an idea in mind, you become almost obsessive until you have achieved your goal … And you could even try to teach “your” good word to those close to you. Will they have the same ardor as you? This day will certainly tell you. Leo Luck Today

The limits of your budget are starting to get on your nerves. Especially if you hang out with people who are more comfortable financially than you. You must probably skip certain outings to recover your costs. Don’t let your social growth be dictated by your wallet. Agree with your friends to rotate your outings. So everyone will find something for themselves. Also, it will be the opportunity to prove once and for all that the cost does not necessarily make the quality.

Family and Friends
This day promises to be somewhat difficult for the family. Tensions due to jealousy or incomprehension could arise and create a deleterious climate that could last a few days. Indeed, Pluto which arrives in the 4th house will be unfavorable to you and you could see your patience put to the test. To get through this difficult course as well as possible, try to show restraint and prefer to keep quiet a few truths.

The natives of the first decan will benefit from more leniency and should enjoy a more peaceful day. You will have harmonious relationships with those you love, striving to understand them and take responsibility for their well-being. It will emerge a serene and cheerful atmosphere because those around you will not have the feeling that you slip through their fingers.

It’s time to get up and move! If your life takes a turn for the worse, you shouldn’t give up so quickly. Today you have the opportunity to change that. It is by no means inevitable. Your body needs exercise just as much as your mind. The regular practice of a sport or a relaxation activity allows one to acquire an ideal balance. Try it, you will see!

A native of the first decan, your impressionable nature pushes you to a drastic diet. You are afraid of everything and multiply dietary restrictions: no cheese because of listeria, no red meat because of hypertension, no butter because of cholesterol, etc. By force, you come to live as a recluse especially if you are of Virgo ascendant. You must accept at times to make some gaps because this monastic regime undermines your morale a little and isolates you from others, you who need it so much.

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