Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th January 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th January 2019

The energy that comes from the lunar transit revolves around your intimate life. Perhaps you thought that you had already seen everything, but you will be surprised when you discover that a person apparently friend is deceiving you sentimentally.

Do not hold a grudge, take it as an experience. Each day has its lesson and now you will know what to do with your life without waiting indefinitely for others. In these moments a trip is glimpsed that promises to give you money, luck and fortune. Very successful.leo daily horoscope today saturday 19th january 2019

You do not have to run after anyone, Leo. The love that is not for you is not forced or forced. What will now come to your life will be what really suits you and you will enjoy it fully in its moment. An intense stage is coming as Aquarius, which is your opposite sign, begins to rule.

Do not worry about the past discomforts that you may experience again because they do not necessarily indicate that you are suffering a relapse or a serious problem. Once this cycle is over you will see that you feel better.

Work and career
You are about to receive news of a pending work you have been waiting for. Congratulations. On the other hand, in your usual job there may be a change of bosses or supervisors, but do not worry because in this astral period you are very well sponsored.

Money and Luck
Any economic management you do on this day in order to obtain extra money will be very successful. Follow your hunches and intuitions. Leave home, ask, perform the steps that you had proposed and you will see how your income increases.

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