Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 22nd December 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 22nd December 2018

The indecision must be left behind although you should not hurry but reflect, although you should not hurry but reflect on each step you are going to take. Once your decision is made, act firmly. With the beginning of a new cycle in your horoscope a period of renewal opens.

If you fought with your boyfriend, or your girlfriend, and you feel sorry, it’s time to put aside the hurt pride and take the first step towards reconciliation. That person waits for your initiative and if you do, you will not regret it. Your present is what counts, and that is the reality that you must keep in mind at all times, do not forget it. The work originated in your home or related to purchases and sales is well supported on this day.leo daily horoscope today saturday 22nd december 2018

Do not let your pride betray you because if you let a sad memory of the past take over you would be spoiling something beautiful that is now crystallizing. In love you must act with tact and delicacy. Love Horoscope of Leo Today 22nd December 2018

Be careful if you have suffered in the past from problems associated with drugs or alcoholism because today you could relapse if you make the mistake of smoking, even if it is a cigarette or drink intoxicating drinks. Get on this Saturday.

Someone very negative will be filling your head with ideas that are not practical and could cause you work problems. Do not listen to conflicting people and do your things following your intuition, your principles and intelligence. So you will succeed.

Money and Luck
Today is a day of fortune in your economy. Do not be surprised if someone suddenly appears in your life and makes you a valuable gift. You are attracting fortune and everything is possible, from finding money in a public place to receiving a gold ring.

By Mary Emma

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