Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 24th October 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 24th October 2020

The position of your ruler, the Sun, this Saturday is very interesting since it is in opposition to Uranus, which, being retrograde in Taurus in its opposite, which is Scorpio, the sign that is now ruling. What does all this imply in your sign? Your love affairs are going well even if it seems like there are problems, Leo. You can overcome everything if you take it as a challenge, a challenge to your intelligence and creativity. Do not worry about the appearances of this Saturday because fortunately, things are not as serious as they seem and will be solved. Your attention fluctuates from one side to the other, focus in one direction only. The result of certain efforts, which are not as favorable as you hope, could cause disappointment or pessimism, but it will be temporary.

You should pay attention to your intuition. The energy of the day will increase your skills. Sometimes you don’t trust your instincts. But you can capture the energy of others easily. For example, today you will have a feeling that someone will say something. Or you will perceive their emotional state without them saying a word to you. Use this information to better understand people and act accordingly.leo daily horoscope 24th october 2020

Be very careful with your actions because without trying you could risk a love relationship since an association with someone very daring or too presumptuous could create the impression of infidelity or something similar due to appearances. The well-aspected moon brings you love, confidence, and comfort. You feel good, so secure that you come to the point where you stop trying. “You let yourself go,” sang Aznavour, that’s where you are. A little workout or a hairstylist would be appreciated by your partner, who seems to find that you put on your slippers a little too quickly. Single, you are in the early stages of a story full of promise.

You may take care of someone today. Perhaps there is an acquaintance of yours who has recently moved to your area. You’ll probably be the one to introduce him and give him valuable information about the neighborhood. You may need to show him around and make him familiar with the location of any services he may need. Or this may be a day where you end up babysitting for hours. Your wife may need help with the children, or you may be helping your brother with taking care of your nephews.

You wake up enjoying an excellent mood and this will be reflected in a positive way in your health during this day. As your mind is clearer and awake, your body will react in an equivalent way, and with health. Today you may be a little worried about your love relationship. Unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, almost nonexistent physical exercise, excessive consumption of caffeine… Your bad habits could play bad tricks on you in the coming days. However, don’t try to change everything all at once. It will take you a little while. The goal of the day? Adjust at least one of the blackheads of your lifestyle, whatever it is. Smokers of the sign should also reduce their tobacco consumption.

Maybe they have different points of view from your girlfriend. Maybe this is for something minor, but if you end up in a bad mood, you will find yourself thinking negatively about your entire relationship. Your ego is going to be bothering you with thoughts like I deserve to be treated better! Before packing your bags, you should think that relationships require work and understanding.

You hear certain news that might disturb you, Leo, but before you lose heart, find out where it comes from. Perhaps they are just rumors spread by dissatisfied workers or disgruntled people, lacking foundation and veracity.

Your ingenuity and imagination will leave you today, and it will not be easy for you to produce the high levels of quality that you are used to for your work. Perhaps it will be better to keep busy with routine tasks that you develop automatically, and if you can, put your creative attempts to wait for your brain to start. Don’t be proud or shy to ask for help. Do not give up.

Money and Luck
A promised trip may take a few days. It is convenient for you because you will have more time to take advantage of it much better by putting an order in certain economic matters and making small very lucrative buying and selling investments.

Things may move more slowly today than you would like and you may not connect very well with people. Realize that in these moments your emotional side dominates and your brain may have disconnected for a while. Nothing happens! Enjoy your sensitive and emotional side and give your mind a break.

If you are at the end of the third decan, you will likely notice an imbalance in your finances. For people who are in a relationship, this may be a slightly inequitable distribution of expenses between you and your partner. For singles, take a closer look at how much you budget for different areas of your life. There will likely be disparities that will need to be adjusted to rebalance your leisure-obligation budget.

Family and Friends
If you were going to go to a family reunion, you might want to think about canceling your visit or you might face some criticism from those around you. Indeed, the unusual aspect of Jupiter in your Heaven creates a climate conducive to the occurrence of tensions and conflicts. Now is the time to go to the movies or visit the latest fashionable exhibition and take advantage of this day to have fun and avoid potentially compromising interactions with your loved ones.

Daily life at home will be filled with moments of shared joy. Just be careful, if a dispute pits you against one of your brothers or one of your sisters: it would be better to wait to talk about it because neither of you will be in the mood at the moment. an effort of understanding.

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