Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 26th October 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 26th October 2019

Due to the recent full moon action, the opposition of your regent, the Sun, you will notice something different in your relationship that will deserve special attention this weekend. Do not worry, with love and tenderness everything is fixed. You find explanations of behaviors that are difficult to understand and you get out of a conflict of love.

Take the chance to delve into feelings. If you are alone and looking for a company, it is not the time to launch yourself into new adventures but rather to share your time with friends, colleagues or maybe with a good book. The day has an interesting touch of freshness and lightness that will make you feel great, Leo.leo daily horoscope 26th october 2019

There is a happy accent in sentimental matters and everything that worried you begins to be forgotten. You prepare for a very happy and fun stage that will run from this weekend and from now on.

To you the pleasures of conjugal love! The voluptuousness and sensuality will be at the rendezvous, and you will go directly to seventh heaven with your spouse or partner. Single, your sentimental ideal could finally see the day thanks to Venus’ help. A meeting could take place and take a new turn in your life. It could be an Aries or a Leo. Look closely in your surroundings: love will await you there.

Take care of what you eat because you are somewhat predisposed to indigestion or digestive system disorders during this weekend. When you feel that you are “full” get up from the table, it is recommended.

After the tensions of recent times, you may now need to spoil a little food to cheer you up. Well, go ahead, without getting into trouble. You could, for example, offer you a good cup of hot chocolate, from time to time, or one or two squares of chocolate. It contains iron and magnesium.

Before signing a certain doubtful contract or accepting a new position or job, review everything they are offering you and there will be no unpleasant surprises in the future. Put your feet well on the ground.

The charming astral aspects of the day should help you in your professional life, support your ambitions. But we must not expect easy victories: there will be the reason to fear conflict, perhaps a legal, official, contentious affair. But you will not fail to emerge victoriously.

Money and Luck
Follow your dreams and your intuition that now they will be very wise and will lead you to the place where there will be money and possibilities of economic development. A social gathering will be productive because you will make important contacts with influential personalities. Leo Luck Today

With this aspect of Jupiter, you will not have your usual caution in financial transactions. This will not prevent you from getting a great shot. But be vigilant anyway. Avoid excessive risk, and be wary of overly enticing proposals.

Jupiter will cross your sky, privileging your family relationships. You will be especially close to your children, whom you will cover more than ever. With your spouse, the agreement should be almost perfect.

Social life
This day will be most conducive to invitations, outings and pleasures. You will be treated to great moments in the company of friends. It is by letting yourself go according to circumstances, showing you flexible and tolerant that you will get the most satisfaction from things and people.

Today’s astral biorhythm
Love energy level this Saturday: intense.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of your effusively and enthusiasm that always place you ahead of others.
The dangerous trend today in your sign Leo: pay attention to the flatterers who approach you to create feelings of guilt or self-sufficiency.
What should I avoid ?: reckless actions in matters of business and money.

Prediction of the couple for today Saturday
The best relationship today: this Saturday things will go very well for you if your partner is of a fire sign like Aries and Sagittarius as well as in the case of Aquarius – of the air element, but your opposite.
The most tense relationship: tensions may arise with water signs such as Scorpio and Pisces, as well as with Capricorn.
Your current compatibility: you are in a harmonious tone with the other elements of fire especially with Sagittarius, and also with air, such as Aquarius and Gemini.
If you are single or single: the love you have been waiting for a long time is closer to you than you could suppose.

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