Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th July 2019

While you are going through Mercury’s retrograde transit, you must be very cautious since any misstated word can be misunderstood. Maybe you are considering ending a relationship or ending something that does not suit you in your love life.

You are in a tone of clarity and very accurate judgments so you can solve personal difficulties right away and get on the right path, particularly in love where everything is possible from this planetary cycle.

You are in the middle of the eclipse effluvium in your opposite sign and also the retrograde transit of the planet of communications. Again, be extremely careful when talking with your partner or that person that interests you because you could be acting rashly and this would not be the best in these final days of July.

No improvement can be obtained overnight, and you are persistent and can achieve it. Wait for a little before changing medical treatment and give the medications and plans you are receiving a chance.

Do not worry about an unexpected situation in your job because the person indicated to help you solve it will soon come to your side and together with you they can successfully leave the problems in your environment or in your working life.

Money and Luck
The opportunities are there, but sometimes they get out of hand. Everything you need to increase the economy is in your hands, but you must organize well, set priorities and not dilute your energy-wasting time on unproductive and banal tasks.


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