Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th June 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th June 2019

Do not rush to give your heart to someone who apparently is very interested in you but your intuition tells you otherwise. A friendly person will arrive with good news related to a pending money and a lost legal paper. This weekend that is knocking on the doors the time will reach you for everything you want to do if you organize well early.

Do not waste your energy talking on the phone with chatty people and focus on your affairs, otherwise at nightfall you would not have done anything that you set out to do. There are idle people whose friendship, far from benefiting you, hurts you, even filling your head with smoke in relation to your love life. If you let yourself be carried away, you would end up suspecting everyone.leo daily horoscope today saturday 29th june 2019

The touch sensitive, romantic and human cannot miss in your relationship at this time. The planetary aspects of your regent give you authority and execution, but take care of your love life and do not conduct it as a company. The positive energy of Mercury, planet of communications, by entering directly into your sign today gives you eloquence and ease of speech to be able to express your feelings in a fair way.

Do something different, for example, a warm bath after a tiring day, but followed by a strong shower of cold water. The combination of both temperatures will be stimulating, and then a relaxing factor for your nerves.

An intense, but productive, work day awaits you. However, your patience will be put to the test as you will have to deal with uncooperative partners and your passive resistance to doing your part will take you out of your boxes.

Money and Luck
The money earned with so much effort must be put to production or at least be located in solid investments that allow you to have economic liquidity. These days you will be presented with an opportunity to grow and prosper.