Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th September 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th September 2018

Follow your hunches that are now very clear. If your intuition tells you to launch into a love affair, consult your heart and your reason. You are on the threshold of a new quarter, certainly the last of the year, which promises to be very varied in your life and at the same time fun and cheerful.

What seemed very complicated and difficult now is no longer so. You will feel very sure of yourself, with greater self-confidence and desire to carry out all those issues that you have been stuck with until today.

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The first hours of the day are formidable because those who approach you do so with sincerity and love. However, some embarrassing situation can put in your way a person who confuses love with friendship which could cause tensions or confuse you.

Your level of recovery and health is good at this time, but you should not abuse it by exposing yourself to dangers or elements in the open. Take good care of yourself, get vaccinated if necessary, do not let yourself be caught off guard by any opportunistic infection.

Soon you will be in the midst of situations where you should opt for one activity or another since now different job options arise that will represent more income, but also more responsibilities.

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This month ends very well, but be very careful with traps, robberies, assaults and similar situations. You can avoid them if you do not go at night to solitary places or ATMs that are in dark or isolated places, Leo.