Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

There is the possibility of a short trip in a few days that will help you revitalize your economy and start a very remunerative and beneficial project. Surprises abound this day in the middle of your birthday cycle. You are about to receive a gift from someone who is very far away and you will succeed in terminating business with a foreigner.

A legal matter is resolved in your favor and you get the expected financial compensation. However, a touch of sadness or momentary depression could cause some dispersion. The best way to combat it is by doing a creative, energetic and productive activity. If you are at home, get moving.

This weekend is deepening your bonds of love and friendship. Many will be reuniting with who they love and have not seen for a long time. Don’t let any sad or gloomy idea take you away from your real chances of enjoying life intensely, Leo.

They improve the symptoms associated with chronic conditions of the throat and respiratory tract, but it is necessary to fully meet your health goals and not fall back into past mistakes, such as smoking, or overeating.

A friend or acquaintance of certain confidence who is trying to become financially independent communicates his plans to you and indirectly invites you to associate with him. Wait a bit until you have more information, but don’t close the doors to that economic possibility.

Money and Luck
Your creative mind will allow you to explore new financial horizons and from the cycle that is beginning at the moment, many paths open and the money needed to develop very well economically begins to flow.

Today, Saturday, August 3, 2019, we bring you some characteristics of the Leo horoscope that, together with the tarot forecasts, will help you understand the way of being of Cancer men and women.

Do Leo natives hold a grudge? Do lions find it hard to forget
Although it is a sign of fire, and as such, it is explosive, intense and has a soon that sometimes it is better not to wake up, it has the gift of knowing how to forgive.

Of course, even after you’ve knelt before that Leo and apologized a thousand times, it will cost you some effort to earn his apologies. It is what has hurt Leo!

Sometimes you may even be able to forget but it won’t be easy. As much as they try to avoid it, the reality is that the lions are concerned individuals.

Yes, he is very fierce but does not really want to experience hatred or resentment towards anyone.

A protected by Leo’s horoscope may experience a lot of anger contained at a given time, a lot of anger towards the person who has hurt him.

Luckily, once all that pain passes (because Leo insists on continuing his life without affecting him) that stage ends and that of the utmost indifference begins, something he knows how to do very well.

In short, only when things stop caring or crawl before him, forgive, forget and be happy again.

My partner Leo doesn’t forget his ex
What may have led your partner Leo not to be able to forget his ex?

Those born under Leo’s regency are spiteful people who remind their ex more of the bad times than the good times.

For them, the fault of the end of the relations always has the other person and the anger resonates in his heart of fire with an overwhelming intensity.

And this is because deep down they still love him. Grannies say that from love to hate there is only one step and Leo is at one extreme. Everything can be reborn, but your pride will prevent you from recognizing it.

Leo is very affectionate as well as proud so do not pretend to compete with a lion and never support him in everything. He will know how to make up for everything.

Leo lives the breakups in a special way
How does Leo understand ruptures? How do they live them? What is special about it?

The natives of Leo are not people who can be said no … and much less can be given goodbye when they do not want to give it. They are lords of their home and their land … and of the person they love.

They get used to shaping who they love their desires. You could almost say that more than a lover they are a Pygmalion that teaches who they love to behave, to dress, and even to love …

Of course, not everyone is born with the necessary vocation to be molded and, therefore, the natives of Leo have many partners.

They don’t find it hard to get conquests, but they don’t like losing someone to whom they have invested effort and time.

For those protected by the sign of Leo, the end of love is a failure in several fields … Above all, it is the end of being loved by someone they have built, which is why they deserve them.


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