Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd February 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd February 2018

They will want to play with your Ego, Leo, but you will be very clear in your mind and you will know how to differentiate between lies and truths. It is the moment of the so-called “sentimental action”.

If you are interested in a special person, dare to take on this new adventure if you do not have commitments and get ready for the best. Happily, you reap what you have been sowing.leo daily horoscope saturday 3rd february 2018

Your perseverance and dedication will allow you to conquer the position to which you aspire both in a job and in a social and even sentimental relationship. The cosmic influence that is enveloping you is projecting you more and more towards new, higher and more concrete goals.

Perhaps you are experiencing a certain guilt feeling that you are not doing everything you owe in your love relationship and that the time you spend with your partner does not have all the required quality.

If so, do not regret it because with that you do not solve anything. Change the strategy, it’s everything.

There is no reason to worry about some sudden discomforts because with the tension of these days the nerves are in a state of perennial excitement and you may feel indisposed for no apparent reason. Take things more calmly.

Before engaging in a difficult task, make sure you have taken all the necessary precautions and measures to execute them with the least possible setbacks.

There is a tendency to scatter in your current job.

Money and Luck
Do things your way and follow your hunches because now, in matters of money, you have a good intuitive sponsorship and if you are guided by what your Internal Being tells you, you can do great business, earn more and even succeed in chance.

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