Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 4th November 2017

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Predictions Saturday 4th November 2017

Take advantage of the direct energy that your Leo sign is receiving from the transit of Mercury and Jupiter because now you are in the moment of winning friends and money, ending associations that do not suit you and taking your personal matters forward in a favorable way. Have you recently reached an expected goal? If so, you may be temporarily confused about what you will pursue in the future. You will play with a number of options, but you will not be sure which one is right for you. Maybe none is. Maybe the perfect goal or goal to reach is still at the top of the mountain. Do not feel that you have to start right now. Have patience and faith.

Do not let a dark or sad thought take you away from your goals that are now about to be conquered. Your decision, strengthened by the effluvium of the Moon on this Saturday, will be unbreakable and you will be amazed at what you achieve thanks to that diligent and serene attitude.leo daily horoscope of 4th november 2017

Leo Love Horoscope 4th November 2017
Something that happens in your environment can upset you thinking maybe there is a lie or deception in what that person has told you. Before jumping to a conclusion analyze everything and do not let yourself be carried away by appearances. Relationships with others were always important to you, and as a result, you have learned to be charming, educated and friendly. Today social commitments are going to give you an opportunity to make use of your ability to socialize, and not only you will make new friends, but valuable contacts. You will end the day with a strong feeling of having achieved something. These activities, however, can take you away from home and family more than you would like.

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Leo Health Horoscope of 4th November 2017
This weekend put your internal resources to work, which are many. Enjoy your day, away from your mind, worries and negative thoughts. You will see how good you feel.

Leo Work Horoscope of 4th November 2017
Balances positive attitudes with intentions and desires. What does this mean? Basically, it’s not about being blindly optimistic, but having the right attitude to realize when it’s worth doing a good business and keep going with persistence.

Leo Money Horoscope of 4th November 2017
Be careful with the money they borrow, because they may not give it back. Unless you know very well how is the person who is asking for your help and have some extra reservation do not stay without anything. Freedom is the name of the game for you today. Whether you have realized it or not, you have a lot of that and you must feel confident with yourself to practice it. Be spontaneous. Plan a trip to the point of the planet that most intrigue you. You have a lot of life to live, therefore go out and live it. If you let your fears escape you will have more space for dreams.