Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th July 2022

You have a lot of potential energy in your body and you will often feel a strong urge to make something happen, to start something. With the Sun conjunct the Moon you have the self-confidence and skills to transform anything, but you can often be oblivious to the powerful energy impacting other people’s lives, not that you don’t care about it. others, you are simply not aware of the strong impression you leave on others.

Chance encounters can also provide valuable glimpses of information and you are more likely to stumble upon a certain critical piece of information while surfing the Internet. With the Moon sextile Uranus occasional encounters can also lead to immediate attraction and new friendships. Women in particular will be a source of inspiration and new opportunities for you.

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With Lilith in Taurus, the ambiguity between pleasure and your unlimited rejection, poverty or greed is evident. Here Lilith emphasizes the characteristics of Taurus: the relationship with the land, property and nature. For a strange reason you will be settling for little and for now you do not aspire to great things, although your personality is not one of mediocrity.

Your relationships as a couple are based on companionship, always having as a key to give yourself a space of freedom and trust. It is only because you need to have enough space to be able to function without any intention of disrespecting the loved one. You have dreams and today you have the opportunity to make them come true, so don’t wait! Surprised, you will be, but not disappointed. To make happy the people who are dear to you, you struggle, continue in this direction!

You will prefer true complicity to power struggles. You attract more than satisfying relationship successes. Your form is capricious and poorly adapted to your activities, the ups and downs you experience are signs of brain fatigue. You are determined to take the bull by the horn, move forward and make things happen. Dare boldly and you will be amazed at the results. Your affirmation is extremely effective today. So go for it!

Despite your good will, dialogue with your children will be difficult. You will have the impression of finding yourself confronted with their permanent provocations. You will need a lot of patience and tact to renew this dialogue so necessary to the family agreement.

You can become a victim of your own feelings, subjected to a strong and passionate, but fleeting attraction to someone. Analyze the situation very well because Leo in the 5th house is often very superficial, exaggerating feelings on a whim. Your priority: to make the people you love the happiest. Do everything you can to ensure that everything around you goes well.

You are overflowing with love and good feelings. It is a beneficial day that awaits you. As a couple: As a couple, your dreams fit perfectly with those of your partner. That turns out well ! Today, together, you decide to make travel plans, a new place to live… Your complicity is impressive! Single: Before thinking about a possible romantic relationship, think about regaining the confidence you had. It will be a successful mission if you put your heart into it!

In the couple, the agreement will have a good chance of being perfect thanks to the support of well-aspected Venus. Above all, avoid disturbing her by a certain instability of mood. Try to be more consistent in your behavior. Single, under the wing of the planet Mercury, in an ideal position, loves will be good. However, they will show a more intellectual character than usual. You will love to engage in long discussions!

You feel responsible for your own health and your recovery to continue working. With Capricorn in your 6th house, you consider that you cannot get sick because of the obsession you have at work, and the commitment to fulfill tasks on time. Don’t worry, no one is indispensable anywhere, your health comes first.

A sentimental twist gives you wings and eases your heart. You sail with the wind at your back. Everything fits together perfectly, so that the notion of failure is completely forgotten. Thus, you tend towards the living environment you expected.

In charge of your health, Jupiter and Pluto, two strong and energetic planets, will transmit their virtues to you. And yet, without anything serious threatening them, some of you may at times be a little woozy or unmotivated. They will then have to seek entertainment and be optimistic.

At work, you are cautious and consistent, pushing yourself and others to the fullest, because your goal is to achieve the professional goals you have set for yourself. You are very ambitious and plan even the smallest movement to ensure success at work, waiting for the necessary time in order to achieve success. You may be offered a commitment or some other role, either emotionally or professionally (a contract, a business partnership or marriage, a promise?). Your personal relationships are a source of joy anyway.

The planet Mercury in good aspects can be a factor of luck today for all that relates to competitions, admission exams or promotion in general. It will particularly favor those who work in a multinational, in a firm specializing in import-export, or even international civil servants.

Money and Luck
In money relationships are lucky, so you have a tendency to exaggerate the material side of your life. With Virgo in your 2nd house you will do everything in your power to get money, even go over anyone, you could scratch the line of greed if you don’t control yourself. You could take giant steps on the road to prosperity by finding the right vein, investing in real estate and it is not impossible that you will reap great financial successes within your activity, whether it is liberal or employee.

Watch out for the stars Neptune and Uranus! The first can at times make you too euphoric and carefree, to the point of neglecting your accounts and ending up with a large overdraft. The second will make you want to spend well beyond your means. If you give in to the call of these sirens, it will take you months to regain your balance.

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