Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 13th January 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 13th January 2019

Do not be discouraged by a promise that you default. Life is change and on this Sunday you can put an end to what does not suit you and successfully start a new course. Happy days are coming, but it depends on you, with your attitude, that you take things with a more sporting and philosophical sense without complicating what you can not solve.

You will be able to combine your natural intelligence with your intuition and the result will be great because you will finally discover how to conquer the love of someone who does not seem to want to give in.leo daily horoscope today sunday 13th january 2019

With the Moon in your element, fire, you dare to throw yourself into the conquest of someone who until now seemed very distant in your life. Do not be intimidated, the world is of the brave and you are, Leo.

This Sunday, it is Mars who takes a harmonic position … it will not be very surprising to see you undertaking with your partner, or to hear you asking for movement and new projects! Propose, but do not impose.

Single: Some natives will throw themselves into the water and plan to conquer the person they have in their line of sight, show evidence of subtlety and success will be at the rendezvous.

Listen to the advice and recommendations of experts and qualified in health issues and you will avoid many problems. Certain digestive and circulatory disorders can be resolved happily with proper nutrition.

No need to take vitamins today, except for sure if they are prescribed in medical treatment. You will have the form and vote vitality will be at the top of the top. March will certainly make you leave your home, move, or see the world, if it’s not a good sign of health!

Work and Career
Your cooperative attitude will allow you to get out of a job situation where you will be tested not only your talent and experience, but also your mental agility and responsiveness.

Overall, the natives will be very energetic at work this Sunday. This aspect is excellent for daily activity and ideal if you have decisions to make right now. The autonomy is increased tenfold and it is possible that some Lions are tempted to engage in an independent activity.

Money and Luck
You will realize the importance of knowing the right people to run your money. The social contacts previously established by you will be more than useful in these days to broaden your economic horizon.

In this harmonic climate, any action will cause some expenses, you will probably not be able to prevent from drawing your credit card for a yes or a no. This transit circulates money, either you win, or you spend! Act with measure and do not be carried away by your impulses.

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