Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 15th November 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 15th November 2020

You will be particularly clear-headed today! You will see clearly in the means of achieving your ends, whatever they are. While you did not quite know where you were in the last few days, the road to follow reappears in its entire layout … All you have to do is move forward calmly, also letting yourself be guided by your many intuitions … Free tarot de Marseille reading, take the test!

Friends or people from an association you belong to could demand a lot of your time and energy today. Because you believe in them, you are likely to commit to more than you are capable of giving, both physically and emotionally. This is fine, but ask for help; don’t try to do it all on your own. If you exhaust yourself, you will not be able to help anyone.leo daily horoscope 15th november 2020

you might well taste today the joy of spending a few moments of tranquility with the chosen one of your heart. Especially since you didn’t have to spend a lot of time with her, because of your job. You both have a real moment of calm. Exchange your vision for the future. You will feel in perfect harmony. Put your excess manhood aside and indulge in some tender hugs!

Romantic affairs flourish as you embark on a new cycle of exploration. You could feel an instant attraction to someone new, or discover an aspect of your partner that you did not know but that attracts you a lot. Bond with other close relationships to discover new and interesting aspects of the people around you.

Your tolerance and patience may be tested today. If you are in a relationship, you might discover something about your partner that could call into question your feelings for them. You may have to take it upon yourself not to be overwhelmed by the annoyance and will want details relating to an event that will be brought to your attention. Take the time to listen carefully to its rationale before making a final decision.

You will very much want to show what you are capable of today. You may have just returned from training in new technologies, and you are dying to impress your office colleague who swears by his cousin, an IT whiz. Bad luck, your entourage does not seem in a hurry to hear your enlightened explanations! Take your pain patiently! Your moment of glory is fast approaching!

Your creativity is very high today. Why don’t you take advantage of this auspicious day to work on your paintings or writings? You indeed have to run a lot of errands, but you should make good use of the creative inspiration you are feeling. A call or visit from someone who lives far away can distract you. Enjoy the conversation, but don’t let it go on too long or you will lose the whole day.

Money and Luck
Today you are itching to get involved in a social or political cause. Your sense of justice and morals is particularly keen. Perhaps it is a newspaper article that will arouse your curiosity, or a political event will stimulate your thinking. Do not hesitate to actively express your ideas because you have the power at this time to change an unsatisfactory humanitarian situation. Long live you! Leo Luck Today

Will trying to control things generate more frustration than accepting that much of what you are trying to control is simply out of your reach? Relax and let things take care of themselves. Don’t bother making big plans right now, because the things you expect to happen probably won’t. Stand back a bit, but stay alert to the events around you.

Forced to evolve in a stormy climate, you walk on eggshells. Practice the Coué method and the positive thinking “I’m fine, everything is fine”. Be a bit individualistic, think about your balance and your good intellectual health. Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, jogging, hiking, detoxification, everything will be good to help you relax. Rest assured anyway, this tense period will not last and this momentary crisis will also have had the virtue of helping you refocus.

Family and Friends
Nothing dramatic to report on the family side. The inevitable ups and downs of everyday life will be felt without unduly affecting your well-being. Overall, a warm atmosphere will enliven your home. Good humor will dominate the majority of your relationships if you have children. Any conflicts with your partner will remain minor and will be resolved quickly. During these somewhat unpleasant moments to live, simply arm yourself with patience and indulgence.

The day seems favorable for reading and research. The energy of the day stimulates you mentally. Maybe you are about to do some professional research or to try to improve your ideas on something … You are now ready to leave your old ways and adopt newer concepts! In no time you will be able to look at your business in a very new way.

Today you will feel like getting out of the house and doing something. If you ask around you, you will discover that you are not the only one who does not want to rest in a Paraguayan hammock all day. If it’s your day off, you have many options. You could visit an American fair, attend a cheap community event, or buy a couple of inexpensive tickets and invite a friend to see the local team.

Sport remains your personal remedy to overcome all problematic situations. Your brain is always in the calculation phase to adapt your schedule with physical activities. In fact, in perpetual motion, you cannot stand to remain seated without reacting. Of course, your organization thanks you for all the efforts made to maintain it. However, sometimes take two seconds to breathe a little to release all the pressure.

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