Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 19th June 2022

The influences of the solar eclipse in Gemini will be felt in your 11th house, so the way in which you have related to groups and friends until now will begin to be reevaluated. New projects are coming with groups that will lead you to new themes or forms that will be proposed with great creativity and avant-garde. It is a moment in which you can feel down due to breakups with some people, but keep in mind that the energy of the moment will establish new associations and that people enter our lives through destiny experiences and in some cases they may be short.

You will need seriousness in the relationship and a wide margin of freedom. You will also need to maintain a communication that starts from the higher or abstract mind, which allows you to strengthen the bond through philosophical or religious feedback, since Saturn and Jupiter are in your 7th house. The placement of the Moon in the 3rd house will create a very emotional bond with your siblings, if you do not live with them it is a very special moment to visit them in the warmth of their home or to extend an invitation to them to visit you.

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Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

An irrepressible need for action pushes you to make sudden decisions, be objective in your choices. You would need to go green for a few days, you are morally overworked, make time for yourself only. Today you don’t feel so strong in the face of indifference. It’s a lesson: life teaches you that if you value your freedom and independence too much, you’ll end up on your own. There are opportunities and occasions that you should not miss. Even if some apprehensions hold you back, don’t look for excuses. Live your desires, enjoy the pleasant moments, forget the constraints and move forward.

The moon is in Aquarius, in position 07 degree(s), 39 minute(s): Humanistic, fraternal climate, control of emotions, sudden and brilliant ideas but stubbornness. You like to flirt and you don’t deprive yourself of it, your light and natural seduction allows you to keep control of the situation, know how to keep your distance, some people do not have the same vision of human relationships as you do.

The day is pleasant: a light and enterprising atmosphere, a little casual and very mobile. Many will have ants in their legs and 10 (good) ideas per second! Even your children find you a teenager and this plunges you into gloomy reflections. You thought you looked so serious and suddenly you doubt. Appreciate the compliment, deep down you don’t really want to grow up, do you?

In the romantic bond you will behave in a friendly, warm and understanding way, however, you will show difficulties of coexistence since you will feel that by depending on the other your freedom is at risk, but you must understand that surrendering to the other is synonymous with delivery, not dependency.

Your senses may be heightened. A person you’ve known for a long time will charm you until you crack. The love plan gives free rein to all your desires, but it’s not about doing just anything. As a couple: You will decide to combine harmony and leisure. It’s an idea that will seduce your partner, although for each of you independence is essential.

You find a way to organize yourself while respecting everyone’s space. You are making progress. Single: You may still know a little crossing of the desert, it should not drag on much longer. The planetary influences and the effects of the Moon take you on new paths with the added bonus of beautiful encounters.

You could experience digestive discomfort due to coffee intake, if this is the case it is important that you reduce the amount of coffee you are drinking daily, this will allow you to connect more with your spiritual part. The good weather pushes you to change scenery. Either redecorate or move outright. In any case, things are accelerating around you and you are living through turbulent times. You no longer know where to turn.

The presence of Pluto in the 6th house will help you develop some kind of service to others through work. With this energy it is important that you have control of your daily habits and routines to prevent you from creating chaos. This day promotes the exploitation of your creativity and it is a good time to start setting up an action plan. If you want to get out of the routine and explore other avenues, you have important assets to find the useful contacts you need.

The sign of Virgo is in the house of financial resources, this gives you an excellent administrative capacity at work or in your own business, which will produce generous fruits. An opportunity for financial change hits you hard. Check the sources of everything that we can offer you in this area, caution is essential. Come to your senses and take your time before making a drastic decision.

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