Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 20th January 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 20th January 2019

Do not worry about the changes because in the Universe the only thing that remains constant is change because we are changing at all times, at all times. Today you are not the same as yesterday, tomorrow you will be different, not so much physically, but mentally and inwardly.

The things that happen to you today are not eternal and will not last a lifetime. If you are going through a bad time, it will happen as you relegate it to the background and concentrate your energy on something else. Everything has a solution.leo daily horoscope today sunday 20th january 2019

Once you have proposed to finish something, do it, but do not keep wavering because the hesitation creates emotional problems between the couples. You are in the middle of a new situation that will place you squarely in the heart of that person so important to you.

The planetary aspect present in your horoscope is ideal to help you recover your health. Open doors and windows and let in the light energy, and clear your house. This day is ideal to clean, purify and harmonize your home very well.

Work and Career
The current planetary situation, with the aegis of Aquarius which is your opposite sign, Leo, demands tact and prudence on your part since you vibrate in a tone with little tact, carefree and engaging in your work. Do not echo labor rumors and you will not face any problems.

Money and Luck
You move within a cycle that requires caution because the money arrives, but not quickly and if you do not save it as you receive it you could end up with much less than expected. It’s time to exercise your common sense more firmly.

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