Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 24th January 2021

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 24th January 2021

New moon insight, a new lunar year! During the course of these days of the synodic month of January and as the lunar year begins to develop, which will begin tomorrow, Sunday, you will be immersed in the middle of different efforts, many of which you had planned, others not. Life will be showing you roads, dilemmas, paths that constantly fork in front of your reality and your intelligence and experience will be the factors that will help you make the best decision, Leo.

You will progress all the better and faster if you do not compare yourself to others. Give up certain habits, you start to feel the bad effects, take the opportunity to take good ones. You feel revolted inside and you provoke the same feeling in others. You can’t stop your previously suppressed emotions from coming out into the open, but be careful of the damage you might cause.leo daily horoscope 24th january 2021

The astrological aura that surrounds you with the imminent conjunction of the Sun with the Moon is ideal to reconcile with a loved one. Take the first step and you will see how you can solve any wrong situation and start a beautiful love relationship again. Make it one of your goals for this new lunar year that is about, to begin with, the new moon of January in your opposite sign.

Today, love makes you lose your mind. Do not try to get out of this positive spiral that takes you to new landscapes of love. Passion and tenderness are at the rendezvous. The feelings of love multiply. In a Relationship: No arm wrestling with your partner. A cool and serene atmosphere comes to rock your relationship. Together, you would rather talk about the future than rehash yesterday’s difficulties. You exchange tender feelings. In his arms, you are confident. Single: Love takes you in many directions today. It’s up to you to know which route to take. The stars bring you all the sentimental comfort you need whatever the path you choose. You should feel surrounded and loved.

There is great news for you in the health field because the discomforts associated with tooth decay and similar problems in the mouth and teeth are receiving a positive, regenerating, and healing vibration. You are also well sponsored if you must participate in a competition, contest, run or do some type of physical activity. A cocooning break is in order and you soon find yourself playing board games with the chosen one of your heart.

Act decisively and take advantage of the current planetary energy because if you are looking for a job you could have some negatives. Insist and you will see how one door closes, but others open with good news. Do not give up, in a few days there will be favorable responses and in this lunar year that will begin tomorrow, you will be enjoying your well-deserved reward for the efforts put into these efforts.

You prepare your strategies to tackle important jobs. But you may meet people or chat with each other and finally get a little too little forward in your activities.

Money and Luck
The Moon in conjunction inaugurates a stimulating cycle in your financial sector associated with short trips, purchases, and sales as well as the possibility of a fortune in a raffle or contest that will give you money. Leo Luck Today

Today you will have to face multiple emergencies, take them step by step methodically and without exaggerating your budget restrictions. Of course, you will have to decide on a delicate situation, but the main thing will be not to doubt your personal ideas.

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