Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 27th March 2022

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 27th March 2022

Check what you like, but it hurts you, whether they are actions, tastes, pleasures, etc., because the energy of the Sun is weakening the power of Venus through conjunction in the 9th house. This reflection will help you improve and resolve your perceptions of what is healthy and beautiful for you and what may be affecting you to continue learning and gaining wisdom.

Communications between you and others will be specially balanced and very kind since Libra, the sign of balance, is in your 3rd house. This will undoubtedly benefit you to iron out rough edges with those you have had a conflict with in the past and to be able to express yourself clearly and effectively without harming or offending anyone; a good day to chat.leo daily horoscope today sunday 27th march 2022


Lately, you may be very involved in your thoughts and your plans, so you are not very interested in a partner; however, your 7th house has a lot of planetary energy as it has Jupiter and Saturn transiting over Aquarius, what it comes to tell us is that It will be your qualities of tolerance and justice that will give you a more democratic perspective when interacting with potential partners, so cultivating these qualities will help you a lot to meet that right person.

Take care of the way you relate and communicate in the associations and clubs to which you belong because being Mate inside your house 11 can make communications somewhat intense or even violent, so it is highly recommended that you be more prudent and tolerant of differences or debates. It is just this that favors the Trine between Mars and Saturn, so you better think your words 3 times before creating unnecessary conflicts.

It is perfectly acceptable to admit to yourself and others these simple words, “I don’t know.” You’ll be amazed at the weight you’ll take off. Don’t think you always have to know the answer. Ultimately, providing a solution that doesn’t exist will only do more harm than good. Now that you’ve accepted that you don’t have all the answers, the possibilities are endless.

Your innovative and original ideas will be a great attraction for people with open and broad mentalities since the sign of Aquarius in your 7th house gives you great intellectual capacities to establish new relationships. Jupiter and Saturn are in this house, which will provide you with a plus in your communication skills. Your opinions can reach much further, especially thanks to social networks and connecting with like-minded people.

You have a sweet and cuddly nature when it comes to romance, but today you may behave in unique and unusual ways. Your partner will be positively surprised and tell you something you have never heard before. Your funny and insinuating attitude will make your girlfriend fall on her back, and they could examine the limits of each other’s love.

Exchanges with your close friends are favored. It is the moment to ask yourself in the strictest intimacy, clarify the communication, and talk about your expectations. And bury the hatchet. Your goodwill will allow you to regain your superiors’ confidence and propose your ideas. In addition, your moral uprightness and principles will be a real magnet to bring about new relationships. Harmonizing your romantic relationships takes a bit of practice. Not sure you’ll get there right away. Add a good dose of confidence, and why not make sweet eyes if you feel like it?

It will be very beneficial for you to strengthen your bone system with calcium because Capricorn governs our bones and is the sign that is located in your 6th house. In addition, the planet Pluto is within this house, so its transformative energy can affect your skeleton. . Avoid or reduce soft drinks, sugars, coffee, alcohol, red meat and salt. It is a day of transition during which you experience important events or profound changes in certain areas. Focus on your daily activities because you have a lot to do and you could receive very interesting information.

Today you feel good about money, and therefore you are going to decide to make some arrangements in your house. Most likely, you will redecorate something, and it will not be a major arrangement since, at the moment, you care more about beauty than practical matters. Your sense of aesthetics is highly elevated, inspired by the higher realms, and therefore any decorating decision you make today is likely to be wise.

The winds of change are coming in the workplace because Pluto is strongly exerting its energy within your 6th house. Remember that changes are always beneficial, so don’t be afraid. In addition, the Trine that exists between your Moon in house 2 and Pluto will allow you to feel calm and relieved that things will be transforming in a positive way and your favor. You succeed in creating a warm atmosphere in your professional environment. You are in your element if you have a large clientele or contacts. Today, you feel fully in tune with everything around you.

Work from home could be a good alternative for today. Maybe you feel physically and mentally exhausted with so much work, but you still have important tasks to complete. Perhaps you function best on your turf now, with no traffic or parking hassles. You tend to do your job conscientiously, sometimes to your detriment. Avoid it today. Otherwise, you will run out of energy!

Attention to detail and disciplined work will be qualities that will attract you to a stable economy since the sign of Virgo is found in your house 2. You have to dedicate love and passion to your work and keep your finances in order. Great emotional satisfaction, and since the Moon is present in this house, emotions are undoubtedly closely linked to your work, and it is best to do what you are passionate about.

You feel like moving forward. Your life right now is not exactly what you had dreamed of. However, your natural strength and incredible desire that has always characterized you will be particularly exalted today. So better than complaining, take out a pencil and paper and develop a strategy that will allow you to get out of this cosmic “hole.” You will make it, and you know it. It’s high time to think about your future. If an investment should earn you money, do it right away. If you have already invested some money, you reap some profits before you can hit the jackpot.

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