Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 29th October 2017

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 29th October 2017

This Sunday you will hear news of an economic project that seemed about to be achieved and at the last moment suffers a stalemate, Leo. Do not be discouraged or discouraged because you will finally achieve it.

Take all these delays to perfect it and you will gain more money, remember that Uranus, regent, of your opposite sign, is retrograde and some efforts are paralyzed. Opportunities rain and you must be very attentive because where you least think is the possibility of love, surprise, and even the unexpected and happy relationship that will change your life. This is a time of sentimental revitalization.leo horoscope of 29th october 2017

Leo Love Horoscope on 29th October 2017
You probably have to change a plan or project that you had formed for this weekend, but with your ability to adapt and intelligence you will be able to transform any setback into a cause for joy.

Leo Health Horoscope on 29th October 2017
Although you do not feel at all willing to follow your diet or your exercise plan you must insist and do it because otherwise you would start cracking your will and gradually you would lose the effort invested in your health, Leo.

Leo Work Horoscope on 29th October 2017
Do what your intuition, experience and principles tell you. If you have assumed a position of leadership or direction do not disappoint those who placed you in it trying to stay well with an irresponsible friend. Look after your job because you have many eyes on you now.

Leo Money Horoscope on 29th October 2017
It is not the best time to force economic situations or enter into the signing of documents or papers in which there could be money involved in high risk. Seek advice from experts in finance before making a final decision.

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