Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 2nd May 2021

Check Leo daily horoscope for Sunday, May 2nd, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. Due to the transit of Mars and Saturn, on this Sunday, which is the day ruled by that planet (Saturn), you notice some agitation around you that could disturb you, making you think of non-existent problems, Leo. Do not be alarmed because you are now in a productive cycle and you will meet your goals without losing your job. Your intuition is receiving good planetary waves with the impact of the Moon on the earth element that will help you carry out your emotional life. Sharpen your sixth sense and you will suddenly find yourself with unexpected money in the middle of an unexpected trip or in the signals you receive in a revealing dream.

You are forgiving by nature. You are aware that nobody is perfect. If someone hurts your feelings, you try to ignore it. But your generosity can sometimes be too extreme. There is someone in your life right now who is expressing a lot of toxic energy. You will need to set limits. Don’t let it get you down, even if you’re having a hard time.leo daily horoscope for today sunday may 2nd 2021

You are in a dynamic of strengthening your ideals, today, without reservations. Despite the complex questions, your carelessness makes you more attractive to your partner … and to others! This Sunday, May 2nd, thanks to your enthusiasm, you will share warm exchanges. Now is the time to bond new knowledge. So, do not wait any longer to spontaneously reach out to others and to use your strengths positively to gain popularity. Your feelings are mutual, you have nothing to fear, your love life is changing. Today you should receive an emotional offer that you have been waiting for for a long time. Hope gives life. You were right to be patient.

Were there complicated situations in your love life, Leo? Follow your impulses and your intuition because you will be able to get the love you long for and the recent separation will be forgotten. Don’t rush it, let it all pass, and soon there will be a cycle of happy unions.

The planetary atmosphere reserves you a good understanding within your couple, especially if you are of the first decan. You can already organize your next romantic vacation. If you are the type in a rush, you can book a romantic little weekend in a European capital. This will surely be the occasion for one or the other to make his marriage proposal. If you are single, you should build your self-confidence. This will help you in your search for love.

Your luck regarding love and romance has changed, and wow! It has changed for the better! You will feel in seventh heaven when it comes to matters of the heart. If for some reason you don’t feel that way, perhaps you should consider who is next to you in that heaven. Maybe it’s time for a change. This is your day to be happy.

Many physical alterations are normal, they do not indicate diseases or serious conditions. Most of the time these disorders have their origin in emotions, relax more and you will do better in everything.

Today you are supposed to have a calm and relaxed day. There is no reason for you to plan big battles. Take it easy and don’t create unnecessary stress. Live the moment. Do not overload your mind by analyzing everything that comes your way. Go with the flow and have fun, whatever you do.

On the moral side, all is well. As far as physical form is concerned, however, it is something else. The drop in power that you have been feeling for several days has reached its climax today. If you haven’t fallen ill yet, you will have to fix it right away by resuming good habits: stable hours of sleep, fruits and vegetables on every plate, a little sport and sun every day, etc. If you feel that this is not enough, herbal medicine can also help you boost your immune system.

You may be assigned a new job responsibility that initially puzzles you and causes stress. However, your talent and disposition will manage to solve difficulties and overcome obstacles. Don’t let fear of failure keep you from moving up in your company.

To figure out how to make more money your imagination is overflowing. It may well be that to negotiate or to revise a loan downwards you will have to get closer to your banker. Your requests are taken seriously. Your idealism works wonders and your dreams carry you towards a bright future. Take the opportunity to create alliances, relaunch a partnership or seal fruitful agreements. The sky gives you a taste for adventure and the ambition to see high and far.

You give good advice to people, but sometimes people see you only as a friendly and caring boy, not as the wonderful person that you are. Today your wit and insight will shine, especially in the area related to groups. If you have to attend meetings or make presentations, people will respond well to your ideas and recognize your experience. At home, any gathering with friends or neighbors will generate some kind of positive attention for you.

Money and Luck
Soon you will receive news of some money that was floating and did not quite reach your hands. You will also have ideas that you must put to work because they will help you earn more, in less time. The coffers of fortune begin to open in your Leo sign.

Today you may wonder if they have put something in the water since those around you are acting somewhat silly. Today is a joyous day, so don’t worry about having fun. You may want to chime in with some of those witty comments and observations. You are good at comedy and you don’t have too many opportunities to manifest it. Today people will thank you for sharing the fun with them.

The metro-work-sleep routine will be particularly unbearable, especially if you are of the second decan. Your work responsibilities take up the majority of your time and thought, compared to other aspects of your life. Perhaps this imbalance is due to your ambitious professional goals. You may also have gone head-to-head with your job to the point of ignoring everything else. An honest conversation with yourself will allow you to refocus on what matters most to you.

Family and Friends
It’s not easy to let your child fly towards independence. For you, it will be forever your little one, the one you would like to protect against rains and tsunami. However, you must accompany him in all these stages. They remain essential for it to gain maturity, but also experience. After all, remember, it wasn’t that long ago that you went through this stage as well. You did well!

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