Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 30th June 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 30th June 2019

One of the direct consequences of the recent transit of Mercury to your sign affects the economic field. Money is flowing in your work and also in chance where there are surprises in lotteries and raffles. The changes that occur will help you focus properly and in a short time you will be solving those issues that bothered you and now are very favored.

A change in your plans will be promising especially in the field of love because now in this second semester that begins tomorrow a new period opens, very beautiful, within your sentimental life.leo daily horoscope today sunday 30th june 2019

Situations will arise that will demand from you a quick response in which you combine love and passion with the objective realities that are presented in your sentimental life. Act with decision and confidence, you will see results.

You can become too apprehensive and worried about your physical well-being. Do not get carried away by those negative ideas and you’ll see how good you feel. It is our thoughts that shape our state of health. Cheer up!

Increase your sympathy among your colleagues and with that positive wave around you are in a great position to work as a team. Now new friendships are created and your position solidifies in the place where you are employed. If you are unemployed do not worry because the perspectives that are presented are very favorable.

Money and Luck
A touch of patience is all you need, Leo, if you feel overwhelmed by debts or financial commitments. In the current planetary cycle you will be presented with development opportunities with concrete solutions and money on the way.