Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th November 2017

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th November 2017

Due to the prevailing astral influences in your sign Leo tends to disperse and not concentrate on what is really important by going out in the bush and fixing irrelevant details that do not have to complicate your life.

You are at an action point where your word will be decisive. They are watching people waiting for what you do or say to follow you. Be careful not to hurt whoever loves you with a reckless remark. The Moon when going through your opposite sign tends to become somewhat hasty when you are going to make a decision.leo daily horoscope of 6th november 2017

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Leo Love Horoscope 6th November 2017
Do not go to anyone else or ask for opinions from third parties about your partner. If internally your heart tells you to continue with it, listen to that voice, do not deviate from your purposes. This is a day to love a lot.

Leo Health Horoscope 6th November 2017
If you are getting used to taking sleeping pills before going to bed it is time to go trying some type of more natural regimen that helps you fall asleep without having to go to pills or medication treatments.

Leo Work Horoscope 6th November 2017
It is not easy to perform a job or fulfill responsibilities when there is no cooperation, and that is what may be happening today with you. However, if you do your thing well done, at the end of the day you will receive fair recognition.

Leo Money Horoscope 6th November 2017
What you have been waiting for is at your doorstep, but you must wait because if you accept an unfavorable economic settlement to end a legal suit you would be losing money and giving up part of your legitimate rights.