Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 11th July 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 11th July 2019

During these days of the month of July, which as you know coincides with your birthday cycle which will begin in a few days, you will be taking concrete steps in your life.

It opens a door that was closed, waiting for you, and it is time to act in a decisive way, taking the skin of the best out of your personality and leaving behind the negative, forgiving, forgetting and guiding your life if you really want to enjoy what you enjoy in the present. Your affective reality that is what counts now.leo daily horoscope today thursday 11th july 2019

If you feel tempted to say something beautiful to your partner give free rein to your spontaneity and do not be afraid to expose your deepest feelings. Always try to be yourself, natural, spontaneous and true to your nature, Leo.

You will fully enjoy your health. The current biorhythm wave is up and favorable. As the day passes, you will feel more relieved of your discomfort if you were tired when you woke up or had headaches and digestive problems.

Do everything in your time and place and everything will turn out well. Even if there are setbacks, it continues to act in the way you have been doing in your job and do not let yourself be carried away by negative inclinations that have nothing to do with the performance of your work.

Money and Luck
Today you can receive income unexpectedly in a touch of luck in chance. Follow your intuitions that in this cycle are very accurate. Many times the key to success is in situations that seem disconcerting.