Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th September 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th September 2018

The Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer in the fourth quarter phase. This Thursday the Cancer Moon helps create a special cosmic atmosphere in your life, Leo. Fortune and intuition in love affairs are on your side and this day you wake up with renewed energy and strong desires to do unusual and different things, capable of moving everyone.

Listen to the voice of your inner Being, but do not confuse a fear with a premonition because you are too impressionable and you might think that you are suffering from an illness when the certain is only a passing concern. What was there is history, what prevails is the present, and what you want to do with your life.leo daily horoscope today thursday 13th september 2018

Love is not only demanding, but giving. It is not possible to expect to be loved, without loving. You know it because your intuition in these moments is in a high tone and you know where to go and what to do to fully enjoy what life is offering you. However, some slight inconveniences may occur.

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An excellent weekend is approaching in matters of health, Virgo, so you should take advantage of doing those things that you know are the ones that will help you to revitalize you and use your latent energy. It’s time to end a bad habit, give yourself life, energy, health.

Join the mechanics of the times. This is the best time to increase your knowledge by enrolling in a course or work seminar. Remember that we live in a stage that is constantly changing and what yesterday was modern, today may seem obsolete.

Money and Luck
Take care of your money, Leo! Do not launch into a new economic adventure without first having properly studied all the proposals that arise. It’s time to make more productive investments, but before doing them you should listen to those who have more experience than you and know about business on their own.