Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 15th October 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 15th October 2020

Everything that happens to you is amazing in this cycle of the full moon that you are living, that is, the opposition of your ruler, the Sun with the Moon. You will receive news about your love life and you will be amazed at the funny and witty occurrences that arise at the moment of your intimacy. Now you see your relationship with a much more dynamic and positive perspective. Chance is also highly favored. You discover how you can find love everywhere and by proposing it you conquer hearts and start new romantic adventures. A great day for feelings, but if you are guided only by your emotions of the moment, you would compromise your future.

Today your world can be somewhat confusing. Trying to understand what is happening may not be the easiest task. It is best not to seek the solution through rational thinking and the analytical process. It would be best to leave the subject to rest for now and return to it later when the facts are clearer. Get away from control and the desire to understand everything. Instead, relax and let the day take you wherever it may.leo daily horoscope 15th october 2020

What is happening at this stage will be shocking because it will dynamically change your sentimental reality. Love reaches your heart in unexpected places and if you have been worried about feeling lonely or lonely and you thought that you would no longer be in love again due to a recent sentimental disappointment, today your horizon will light up again.

It is a good day to call or meet people from the past. It’s very smart to keep in touch with the people who once worked with you. You will hear some useful gossip about changes in your industry. Or you will get insightful information related to a job. Don’t be afraid to connect a bit and tell others about your goals. Today you could get help from a surprising source. This day will be animated side by side, either that you make an important meeting, or that you consolidate spectacularly an existing relation. Your ideal partner will be elusive like you and will be interested in many things because, after the first moments of discovery, passion cannot, for both of you, be enough on its own.

It’s time to stop playing indifference and clearly state your intentions, it is eating away at you from the inside! You can’t keep frustrating yourself like this any longer and lying to yourself. Take a deep breath and finally say what’s on your mind, calmly and firmly. After all, you are not asking for anything extraordinary! If your wishes are poorly received, it is because you feel wrong in the first place anyway, you would have nothing to regret!

Don’t wait any longer and take that decisive step in your health that will allow you to join a gym and start effective treatment as soon as possible to strengthen your muscles and your physical conditions, lose weight and look better. No matter how old you are, you can always improve your physical conditions by following a suitable plan. With this astral environment, you will probably find it difficult to maintain your balance, both physically and internally. You may need to learn to eat better and lead a more regular life. Gentle therapies like magnetism or sophrology could probably help you.

Today you may feel estranged from your friends. Maybe your better half is not in town or is busy and you feel lonely. You may feel isolated from your circle of close friends. Or it may be that you are no longer so close to your old friends. This may seem strange to you, but it is not in itself a negative thing. Just as some relationships end, others begin.

Weather conditions will determine the state of your health today. If the weather is gray or the temperatures are low, wrap up well to avoid catching a cold. Avoid clothes that are too light. If it’s hot, remember to hydrate regularly. You will also have to be careful in the face of a slightly more aggressive climate: storm, snow, heavy rains. A bad fall is of the order of the probable. Finally, if you must get behind the wheel in these conditions, drive with caution.

Do everything as you know and do not start changing your work methods at the last moment without having explored them first and being sure of their operation. It is not a time for improvisations but concrete and responsible actions while you are under the retrograde effluvia of Uranus and Neptune. The astral atmosphere of the day will have negative effects on the work sector. Some natives of the sign will have to face enmities in front of a colleague or a superior, with whom the disagreement will be obvious on the human level. Other natives will be victims of their sincerity and their outspokenness, which may have led them, despite themselves, to hurt the susceptibility of another in the past.

The enthusiasm for your career could lead you to invest a lot of effort, and perhaps a lot of overtime, in getting what you set out to do. Your mind is particularly agile; maybe too much, because it is overloaded. Stop for a moment, breathe, and write down your most viable ideas. Trying to cover too much can backfire.

Money and Luck
They will come in handy in this last quarter of the year in which so many expenses and social and family commitments arise. Today you will try writing. It will help you express your feelings, and it will also be a constructive outlet for emotions like loneliness or sadness. Poetry and creative fiction have been used for this purpose for centuries. If you’ve always escaped writing, maybe this is the time to give it a try. Let the words flow and don’t worry about grammar or spelling. You can handle that later. You will be surprised to find out how much fun it can be. Leo Luck Today

On the work side, ambition and willpower will govern your day. Able to handle any unforeseen event, you will thrive even more if you are challenged or asked regularly. If no one comes knocking on your door, do not hesitate to take the lead by offering them your help: your colleagues will thank you for it and you will have the delicious impression of being indispensable. Be careful, however, not to encroach on another’s territory, this could backfire on you. With Neptune in this aspect, you will have more money luck. But be careful, you may also be very reckless in your spending. Avoid gambling like the plague.

Family and Friends
Regularly, you try to understand your children by transposing yourself into their current situation. The truth is circulating elsewhere. Each era brings its share of good or bad surprises. Rest assured, even if the great container of life overflows at times, you have the mind to mop up the mess.

In any case, for serenity to return, you have no other choice than to invest yourself fully in your role as a parent. If you have kids, they’ll be closer to you than ever. They will guess part of your intentions without you even slipping in words. They will be more outgoing and helpful and will try to please you. So what could be better?

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