Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 18th October 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 18th October 2018

Collect your strength of will and your personal integrity because during these days and after the conjunction of your regent, the Sun, with the Moon, tomorrow Thursday, you will meet those who have very different personalities that could disturb you with their comments, gossip and negative attitudes.

Remember that you are the king or queen of the zodiac and as such acts. If you start to argue with those types of people who would be losing you would be you, show your class, superiority of intellect and education responding with elegance and firmness to those who important.

A new love chapter is opening in your life and if you are one of the Leo that was wondering why certain things happen to you, now you understand better the motivations of those who approach you and discover their most intimate desires just by looking them in the eyes . You are very intuitive

Listen to the voice of your body that will clearly indicate what you should do in terms of your health if you notice that certain foods are not falling well and you have chosen to change your diet. It’s the best you can do in this astral period, Leo.

Good news for you. If you expect the result of certain labor management that has been slowed down due to bureaucratic procedures, the news is very encouraging. Get ready for a quick solution to what until now was paralyzed.

Money and Luck
This Thursday and tomorrow, Thursday, under the effluvia of the new year, your inner perception and your psychic sensibility are accentuated, which will indicate what you must do to go to the right place at the right moment and receive that money that is sorely needed at this time.