Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st August 2019

This Thursday will be a day of great effort because if you work on your own, or have a business at your expense, you will have to do more than other times in order to enjoy your weekend better, but you will feel satisfied because you are moving forward. Be wary of economic propositions with conditions that are too strong or with people you don’t know well.

If you dare to do some business with strangers you must demand signatures, do everything legally and with witnesses as there are several retrograde planets in the horoscope that could negatively influence your economic activity. In love, there will be something that will tip you to a person that is really worth it.

Do something fun with your partner, get out of the routine, show that you know how to love and enjoy life. The transit of Venus on this day brings with it a wave of rejuvenation and happiness. Your sign of the fire element receives the positive effluvium of the Moon in transit through a sign similar to yours. A happy Thursday, full of enthusiasm and joys.

This cosmic situation that has begun is excellent for exercising, walking, swimming if time permits, and putting energy in your body that needs it so much. Your lungs and airways are getting good vibration.

If you feel something uncomfortable in your company it is a great day to make peace with your coworkers and leave behind unpleasant incidents that have caused recent work friction.

Money and Luck
There is much that you can achieve if you set your mind to it, the only limitation to your aspirations is that which you impose on yourself. You are entering a very productive and prosperous cycle associated with travel, business, and majority businesses.


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