Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th December 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th December 2018

You are in a period of arrangements and reconciliations, of creativity and openness, you must take advantage of it in its entirety. Beware if you are taking dubious steps since you can discover them so think very carefully before committing any slip.

Even if it is a light flirtation, because you can spoil a beautiful relationship if you let yourself be enveloped by the emotions of the moment and do not look a little more there.There are certain escapist tendencies which can lead to improvisation and result in bad work.leo daily horoscope today thursday 20th december 2018

The Moon is moving towards your opposite sign – that is, Aquarius. Follow your intuition and do not let anything or anyone make you make a decision that you do not agree with, Leo. If you feel attracted to a particular person, do not miss the opportunity to be happy because you are listening to someone else’s suggestions.

The effort put into your personal improvement, the changes introduced to your lifestyle and food in general now materialize.

Do not feel afraid when giving an explanation or making a work presentation. Your intuition will indicate the best time to talk.

Money and Luck
Are you in the midst of a singular economic trance? Go to your influential friends and you will get the money you need. Do not stay quiet, act, Leo.

By Mary Emma

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