Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 23rd May 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 23rd May 2019

The movement of the Moon together with that of Mars on this Thursday – in your opposite sign – will energize your sentimental field, Leo. You will be in front of a person who will inspire you a lot. However, the tone that prevails today in your sign is inquisitive and if you act following that influence you could be turning into someone unbearable in your relationship by asking your loving partner too much about things that do not concern you.

Spend your money wisely and buy something that confers a touch of class or distinction to your public image if these days you have an important job interview or an activity in which you are the center of attention of many people.leo daily horoscope today thursday 23rd may 2019

Beware of a casual encounter with someone who can drive you crazy. If you have a partner and you feel attracted or strongly attracted towards another person, you could enter a kind of love triangle. The most prudent thing is not to complicate your life uselessly in something that you know has no possibilities.

Inactivity and inactivity are your worst enemies. It is important that you get up early, move your body and take the time to feed yourself properly, as it should be. Once you follow your life with a suitable rhythm you will have nothing to regret.

If you think of a good idea, do not keep it, communicate it to those who can listen to it and take action because the ideas, when they stay in your head, do not take effect and then the lamentations of “why did not I do it?” Do not be afraid to take risks, you can because you are the sign that represents royalty within the zodiac, governed by the Sun.

Money and Luck
Promise to separate a percentage of all your income, monthly, and you put it as an extra salary that in turn will attract prosperity and development and when you enter your birthday cycle in a few months you will have resources you did not think you had.

By Mary Emma

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