Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 24th October 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 24th October 2019

Your day looks positively fluid, moves are necessary, but will be satisfactory. A discussion with experienced people may prove that your excesses are harmful.

More available and more relaxed, your exchanges gain in complicity and you are ready to do anything to please those around you. By adopting such behavior, you can be assured of pleasant moments, to make happy ones and to bloom fully.leo daily horoscope 24th october 2019

You manage the stress better and you do not let go of the prey for the shade. This way of staying attentive to the good quality of your relations allows you to strengthen your love life without harming your socio-professional status.

Perfect agreement with your spouse or partner, if you are skilled enough to hide your susceptibility or tolerant enough not to look for the little beast. Beware of jealousy like the plague. Single, you will like a lot: this is an indisputable fact! It will be hard to resist your onslaught of seduction. You will combine wonderfully the spirit and the heart to subjugate your prey.

In your work, it would be better to multiply organizational efforts and fine-tune the details, so as to better take advantage of the more stimulating astral influences that will soon return.

Gourmand, you are and you will stay. However, under the influence of Venus well aspected, you will be less inclined than lately to multiply the excesses of the table; and your health, just like your figure, will feel very favorably.

Money and Luck
Material problems, you will have some, like everyone else; but they will be without gravity. Moreover, this time you will have the opportunity to perform the most successful operation. Before the end of the day, some of you will get a substantial bonus. This will allow you to significantly improve your purchasing power. Leo Luck Today

Family and Friends
Venus harmonic aspect will promote dialogue, understanding, and tenderness in the family. Your relationships with the women in your family, especially your mother and daughters if you have them, will be particularly privileged. On the program: complicity, mutual support, and shared joie de vivre.

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