Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 25th July 2019

Listen to the voice of your intuition, in addition, this is your birthday period and the things that happen are part of positive development.

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 25th July 2019

Tomorrow the planet Mercury will enter retrograde in your sign, Leo. Due to this circumstance, you may feel somewhat uncomfortable. Certain restrictions, brakes or limitations can make you angry. Before taking a bold or under-studied measure, think about it and do not throw yourself into anything that can cause you headaches.

Pleasant entertainment is at the rendezvous. If friends get you out of your habits, let them go! Here you are attacked to devote yourself to recreational activities. The shape is present and your morale is at the top. Enjoy!

Listen to the voice of your intuition, in addition, this is your birthday period and the things that happen are part of a positive development because the reality is there and the results will depend on your attitude and behavior, do not forget,

In the midst of all the real problems that exist in life, you feel calmer because love smiles at you. Even if you are alone or alone, separated or divorced from someone, your inner life is revitalized and the possibilities of romance are close. The good news is that this time will be better than others.

This day could offer you some lovely surprises. Whether you are accompanied or not yet, the energies instill in you great confidence in you able to lift the mountains of your love destiny. See how you radiate today!

As a couple: You are determined during this day to give shape to your sentimental aspirations! All the better, the universe fully supports your desires! Unflinching determination engages you in a dynamic and invigorating whirlwind. You are alive!

Single: A very harmonious climate invites you to quickly grasp the lightning opportunities that could arise today. Your lucky star comes to breathe his light and his insolent luck!

Current planetary incidents make you prone to infections in your genitals so double your care when having your intimate relationships, particularly if your love life is very active and with different partners, protect yourself well.

Today, good influences drive you to act in the right direction. So, continue without fear of your steps. Optimism, self-confidence, and determination are at your side for you to succeed in everything you do.

To put into operation a new and daring work plan you require the collaboration of others. Never try to impose your ideas, but to convince them with arguments. If you do not work in a team you will not achieve anything. Fortunately, your personality is magnetic and people follow you because you project confidence and confidence in yourself.

In search of professional activity, the good news is raining today, you are spoiled for choice as to your professional future to be lucid and direct you to what you really like. Share your good times with as many people as possible.

Money and Luck
Money and fortune don’t come easily, Leo. The setbacks you face are part of the process, and a way to help you learn in it. Leave fears behind and boldly apply your economic ideas that will work if you put a good dose of enthusiasm.

You will probably be very lucky if you participate in an auction, the other bidders are not very responsive and you are stubborn enough to discourage them. It’s very easy to get what’s in your eye.

Your lucky numbers today are 1, 7, 9, 11, 15.


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