Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd May 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd May 2018

The Moon is in your sign, in the fire element. You could make errors of appreciation in your love life if you take your impressions at face value and confuse your imaginations or assumptions with reality.

You are in a fortunate stage for your economic interests, although you will have to put your feet on the ground when making your decisions and not only guided by assumptions, ideas or premonitions. Be more realistic today that you have a direct energy of Mercury, and your intuitions are very accurate, trust them.leo daily horoscope thursday 3rd may 2018

With the Moon in the fire element, volatile and impulsive, you could cause problems in your relationship if you pay attention to a reckless and meddlesome person. Do not waste time listening to it. Those who speak ill of others behind their backs will do the same with you.

Follow the voice of your organism, Leo. Your intuition and common sense will be of great success this day to help you eliminate from your life the bad habits that compromise your health. Put your experience to work in that sense.

Take advantage of this day when the Moon is in your sign to express and raise what you have considered in your work life. You have the Moon on your side and with that communication strength, you manage to accurately expose your points of view in a work meeting from which you will come out very well and possibly with a new responsibility.

Money and Luck
The time is coming for important decisions regarding your money or personal economy. It is good time to start a business with your relatives or with friends who can contribute to increasing your income in general.