Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th November 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th November 2020

With the sextile between the planetoid Pluto and your ruler the Sun that is occurring today Tuesday (60 degrees difference), varied scenarios are presented within your life in general. This day you are filled with an inexplicable feeling of euphoria and joy that will help you steer your life in a more fun direction. This is a day full of motivations and hopes and as this synodic month of the full moon begins this past Tuesday, important changes will occur that will make you see life from another perspective, much more sensitive and with a broader vision on your horizon. sentimental. Prepare yourself mentally for something very beautiful.

Sometimes you don’t trust your intuitions. You don’t always keep in mind that you have psychic abilities, therefore when you have a moment of intuition, you tend to think that it is just indigestion! Today try to identify psychic impulses as they appear. You may find some useful information on your way. You will perceive someone’s true motivations, feeling it viscerally. Or you will receive psychic blasts from some changes in your professional environment.leo daily horoscope 17th november 2020

This day there is a sentimental dilemma that you will have to face so that the rest of the year you are in the place you should be. You will decide which way to go and with whom. Do not be impatient when making decisions, let your heart speak, and your feelings flow.

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You may need to negotiate with your partner. You may find that they have different opinions about something. Perhaps one of you wants to move, while the other prefers to stay where you are now. Or perhaps one wishes to have children, while the other does not want to have them right now. It is important to resolve this debate in harmony and with love. Respect for each other.

Open your eyes. Listen up by becoming truly attentive to everything around you and what you are going through. Mars did it right. At first, he consulted on the analysis of your dreams. Then he asked Cupid to sharpen his arrows. A big surprise awaits you if you give yourself the means. Indeed, the meeting with your soul mate is announced on the stars of your sky. As a duo, you will soon have the opportunity to finally concretize your commitment with the loved one.

Make it one of your priorities to check your mouth and consult a good dentist as there is a tendency to problems with teeth and gums. Do not forget that many general physical disorders are caused by oral infection or tooth decay.

The stars will help you change your diet and your lifestyle. This is the right time to quit smoking, reduce your alcohol consumption, adopt a vegetarian diet, or try a new sport. With kindness, the planets will watch over your discipline and rigor. Little by little your new actions will become habits and these habits, almost unconscious automatisms. The path to your success is reaching out to you. What are you waiting for?

Try using your good relationships with your friends and loved ones today to kick start some group activities. You will surely feel very good and the idea of socializing will please you. Invite people to dinner or to play cards. If you’re especially upbeat, the sport could be the ticket to get you out there and moving. Do whatever it takes to have fun and get some fresh air today. If you have to work, walk at lunchtime or on your breaks.

There will be no immediate solutions to your work concerns but rather temporary ones. Things will become clearer for you in your work landscape from this second half of November as soon as Mercury is direct again on the 20th, but today everything will continue its normal rhythm. Be patient and wait for results.

A powerful romantic attraction will lead to creative or artistic inspiration. Today you will feel especially passionate, and your passions possibly unfold not only about your relationships but also about your work. Whatever you produce is likely to have been so inspired that it even impresses you, and the work done will attract favorable attention from your superiors. You feel especially sensual. Get dressed and see what happens!

Money and Luck
The tone of this Tuesday in your sign is wanting to do many things and resolve overdue issues in an instant. If it comes to finances, put your affairs in order because you could lose money if you don’t. Do not risk your interests in gambling or chance especially at this stage when both Uranus and Mercury are retrograde. [maxbutton id=”5″ ]

Relationships with friends and neighbors will be warm and jovial today. If at any point you need help, you will have no trouble finding it. You feel more sociable than usual, and of course more willing to help anyone. Today may very well be a break after yesterday, so take advantage of it and see what you are capable of.

Your ambitions within the company are unclear. Your mind wanders to other places over the hours. Your hierarchy, however, is in no mood to let a mistake go. Take responsibility before asking for a salary increase or a requalification of your position. Mercury will however come to support the natives of your sign so that their professional life is more bearable. If your bills are piling up, it’s time to sort it out and pay off your many debts. You will feel better.

Family and Friends
Ouch, Jupiter gives a hard time to the natives of our sign. If you have children, they will no longer be happy with a simple “no” to their request. Their nascent rebellious spirit will demand to know the why and the how. Even if this attitude annoys you deeply, they force you to make efforts at diplomacy. A young person who thinks is good, a young person who seeks the little beast, it is unacceptable. Do not allow yourself to be trodden on under any circumstances, otherwise, you will lose control of your authority.

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