Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

The month of December opens with a beautiful sextile of your ruler, the Sun, with the Moon, an aspect of 60 degrees between the two, very auspicious and favorable in every way. Soon what you expected will arrive and this final stage of the year 2020 is wrapped with a shocking tone that will amaze everyone by the force of your will and the realization of dreams that seemed distant or confused. Your Leo sign is strong, and you will see it these days. Success is about getting negative ideas out of your mind and opening yourself up to the future with confidence and trust in the present. Don’t waste your time and energy on fantasies that have a little practical basis. Put your feet on the ground, but without stopping dreaming because dreams are the food of life and the engine that keeps your energy level running, do not forget.

Perhaps you will understand today the deep meaning of the values which are those of your environment. You understand a little better the history of your parents, the motivations of your grandparents and maybe even of different ancestors. It can be a very strong, very “rooting” day.leo daily horoscope 1st december 2020

As if you understand where you come from. Express yourself without false modesty this Tuesday, December 1: the messages pass without difficulty and allow you to get closer to people who bring you renewal! Watch your diet, dose according to your real needs. Clear warming is announced in your relational life. Indeed, you are fully prepared to pay more attention to your loved ones, to preserve your relationships, and to share your joie de vivre. Thus, your exchanges will gain in-depth.

In this astral cycle you vibrate in a happy, blissful, and passionate tone, do not spoil it with a sad memory or idea that is irrelevant to bring it up since what counts most is your present. By living intensely in the here and now you will see that you are really living and not letting the illusion of life and the beauty of love pass you by, without appreciating them.

Here is a day of good news. Planetary energies are favorable to you and should help you smooth things over with your partners. What to fix, for example, the conflict you have with your sweetheart … Or, new professional perspectives could emerge on the horizon. You begin to enjoy the fruits of your efforts and the wind is blowing in your direction. You have deserved it!

A most romantic day awaits you. Without wasting a minute, be ready to spend and experience pleasant and surprising times with the person you love. Your emotions are on the rise, the surges of affection are surprising. As a couple: A commitment? Why not think about it? Yet this is what your partner will offer you today. Even if his request surprises you, promise him to think it over, without deciding in haste. Single: Life is good! Even if celibacy begins to weigh on your daily life, you tell yourself that there is worse. The most important thing is your motivation.

Today Tuesday there is good news for you about your health and well-being, it is the trine of Chiron, the healing planetoid with the Sun, 120 degrees of difference between the two at the beginning of December. Relax, Leo! Go to a place where you can breathe fresh air, take a good walk, and get away from the daily grind. Your mind and body will become very energized with this vital impulse and your health will be very strengthened.

If you are feeling a bit heavy and have the urge to open the belt a bit after a good meal, it’s time to give yourself a little shakeup. Especially since the planetary energy of the day encourages you to reconcile yourself with your body. Take out the dumbbells, sign up for the pool, climb the Eiffel Tower from the west facade, (Uh, no! Don’t do that!) A little sport anyway should prepare you for the next step. Just do it!

The great sextile of the Moon with your ruler the Sun, what is it indicating to you? Basically that you must speed up because everything will depend on your active management against a certain proposition that you are going to hear. Do not stay with your arms crossed waiting for others, you act. A start week opens in many work aspects at the beginning of the last month of the year. For those who continue their professional activities: Communication is in the spotlight and you take advantage of this day to plant the milestones for your future, prepare the ground, discuss and skillfully negotiate your progress. Heaven invites you to make contacts and to favor openness.

Try to regain your balance today. It is a state which, along with harmony, participates in the development of a Leo like you. Take a look in the rearview mirror to see what took up most of your time over the past month. Identify the things that you have overlooked and make plans to raise the bar. If you hardly have worked, get back to work! If you haven’t had any free time in months, take a vacation!

Money and Luck
The days ahead portend promising financial movements. You are at a level of gradual ascent in your economy although sometimes it seems to you that your money is not moving. Do not be impatient, what you are looking for and need you will find sooner than you think and when the year ends you will find more resources than you thought you had for this date.

Let your imagination run wild today. Sometimes you have artistic visions, mentally transform a landscape into a painting. Or you can turn a dream into a movie script. Know that today your subconscious will seek to send you messages. Do not ignore the muses who will come to titillate your creativity. Instead, try to honor them by writing down your ideas or making a sketch of what you see … in your head! Your excitement is a real engine for your business, you offer fast and efficient services, you prevent investors from wasting their time and you make more profits than the competition. You may be asked for your recipe.

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