Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st January 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st January 2018

The Moon is combined with astrological factors of your fire element sign. This day avoids arguments with those people whose ideas differ from yours because they could cause friction in your workplace and this would not be convenient for you.

Keep your concepts for your Inner Being. Set aside a time this day and review your economy and budget. Take a pencil, a paper and a calculator and decide to put order in your papers and matters, do not follow a crazy shopping career. In love you will be surprised by a confession, revelation or statement that will leave you with your mouth open.leo daily horoscope today tuesday 1st january 2018

You discover many qualities in the life of those who are now interested in sentimentality and that you had avoided, you realize that you can let go of certain things that are not essential and focus on the true values of that person.

If within a few days you are going to enter a hospital, prepare yourself mentally from today and you will achieve successful results. The cycles that you have in front of you with the direct influence of Mars inspire you and help strengthen your health.

Career and Work
Possibly within a few days you are starting some new work or starting an important position within the company in which you work. Also the astral environment is conducive to finding a better job if that is what you are looking for at this time.

Money and Luck
Continue your current pace and soon you will see positive economic results regardless of what happened to you in the past. Your persistence and discipline will act as engines to bring money closer to you. The panorama that is now before you is flooded with magnificent financial vibrations.

By Mary Emma

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