Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 21st May 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 21st May 2019

This is a time of adventures and surprises, especially now that a sign of the air element is governing which is very compatible with you that you are of fire.

The goals that you had set for months and you seemed impossible to achieve now are presented as facts in front of you with the good influence of Venus and Mercury direct. In love there is the possibility of a wedding, serious commitment or free union between two people who love each other.leo daily horoscope today tuesday 21st may 2019

A weekend is approaching that will be great, if that’s your purpose, Leo. This Tuesday you will be satisfied with what you have achieved in your love life. Enjoy it and avoid scolding for minor issues. Do not spoil your present with insignificance. If you do not have a relationship at this time, you will not feel bad either, rather free and happy.

Go now planning a fun and healthy weekend. If time permits and you have possibilities in the place where you live try to go to a place where there are plants, water – a lake, river, pond, the sea – and you can be in direct contact with nature. That kind of natural energy is all you need.

It’s time to be more realistic, Leo. Put aside all those labor concerns that only cause tensions and setbacks. What will happen, will already happen in your time. If you start to discuss issues associated with job losses or similar anxieties you will not be able to do anything positive.

Money and Luck
There will be money in chance if you guide yourself through a dream and act following a hunch. Do not tell anyone what you intend to do, do your business privately and possibly return home with your pockets full. Maybe it’s a break to a place where there are legal gambling, or a competition, raffle or contest.

By Mary Emma

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