Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 23rd October 2018

In the afternoon you will have to prepare yourself for a somewhat tedious meeting or an ineluctable commitment with a person with whom you will have to socially share in a dinner, and that does not fall well with you.

Apply your social touch and do not let the circumstances overwhelm you. You are at the ideal moment for love in all its manifestations. If you have been looking for a partner, you will soon find her. If you already have it, enjoy your relationship. You are intuitive almost to the point of clairvoyance. You are especially in tune with the feelings of those you love, and today you may feel the vibrations that a particular person will benefit from. Why not invite her to come with you to dinner tonight? While you have this psychic ability, you should also use it to help those you love.

You will notice how seemingly lost time will help you to make better decisions both in your work and in sentimental matters. Do not worry. It is the occasion to go thinking about some meeting of friends in the house. You will discover that someone close, possibly a member of the family, will need a hand today. It is also likely that pride does not ask for help. Do not let that stop you. If you recognize a situation where you can be of help, do it. Do not wait for an invitation or request – just take the circumstance into account and do what you can. Your efforts will be very appreciated and you will feel fantastic for what you achieved.

Your sign flourishes when there is harmony. If you are feeling anxious or nervous, look around you. Maybe you have too many objects that do not have to be occupying that space. A disorderly house creates anxiety, fears and causes nervous imbalances. Today you will be in conflict with very stubborn forces, who will not want to let go of the reins a bit. It could be someone who used a cheating tactic behind your back to advance your own purposes. Instead of feeling angry and jealous, it is best to absorb that energy and channel it constructively towards your well-being and your own projects.

Expect a work arrangement within a few days. That interview will give good results, but do not be impressed by negative people who approach you with gossip and gossip because it does not suit you. The indiscreet people tend to be with everyone and if you trust them with a secret you will be disappointed. If last night you went over the line, today you will pay the price. If your head explodes and you feel the blood as molasses, remember that everything in excess, however good it may be, has its consequences! No matter how much you want to get out of bed to attend to your affairs, it is useless. Spend the morning in bed and take the opportunity to rest. You will see that in the afternoon you will feel in good shape. The work can wait.

Money and Luck
An unexpected expense is looming so go prepare yourself and set aside some money within your budget so you do not get caught off guard. With a little foresight there will be no problems. Happily you will have in your hands all the resources to carry out your financial affairs. You have always had a good hand for finances, but today your ability increases in a special way. You have discovered all the available information on ways to invest in the Internet, and absorb it like a sponge. Your innate sense of finances allows you to discern about the good investment tips of the ridiculous. Your investment portfolio and your spirit benefit quickly!

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