Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

You have full energy because the Sun, your ruler, is in your sign, filling you with its strength. It is necessary to use this energy creatively and interesting opportunities open up at work. The Sun gives you vitality, strength, and the ability to see what needs to be done to make things work. The Moon is very strong in the house of friends, so it is possible that a friend wants to see you to tell you something important. In general, the feminine energy is very strong in your chart today, so relationships with women will be lucky.

Things are calming down with your partner after a small crisis that happened when the Sun and Saturn met in opposition a few days ago. Now is the time to repair the damage and focus on connecting with your partner from the heart and not from the ego. Venus is the planet that rules love and connection with others and today you are in a very lucky position. Connect from the feelings, be overwhelmingly honest and tolerant and you will manage to resolve the situation.

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2...
Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

In your life as a couple, you will not be very demonstrative, and your spouse or partner will sometimes regret that you do not throw yourself around their neck more often. In any case, Venus will be favorable to you; she will put naughty ideas in your head. Single, you will be very selective, and you will have some difficulty in finding the ideal partner. However, a momentous encounter should occur.

Home life should be no problem this time around. Only a few rare natives of the second decan will be able to suffer the repercussions of the impact of Pluto in this area. For these, there will undoubtedly be a choice to be made concerning their domicile, or their relations with certain members of their family.

Despite all the energy you have on this day, love is not at its highest point for you. Give yourself time to get energy back in this area. Venus has very good energy right now, but I recommend that more than seeking to connect with others, on this day you try to give yourself love. Arrange a romantic date for one, pamper yourself with your favorite ice cream and rediscover romance with yourself to heal what needs healing.

Saturn is ruling your health at this time, its influence produces ailments that are often considered old as sciatica pain, contractures and sprains. It sounds like a joke, but you’ve been feeling for a while that you don’t have the same flexibility as before. With Saturn it is common to hear: “I had never had this problem”.

So you have to be careful with her influence in this period and one way to do it is not to trust yourself. Do not carry heavy things without help, do not try to do things in inappropriate postures as this is a recipe for muscle problems. The Sun in your sign can make you feel invulnerable, but you have to be careful because even if you feel you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

You won’t miss the energy! However, be careful not to get too nervous and take time to relax. Uranus, which is rather favorable to you, will indeed be able to push you to live without taking into account your nervous limits. Remember that sleep is a sovereign remedy, which allows you to recharge your batteries and stay in good shape.

It’s a very lucky day at work. Venus, the ruler of the 10th house of professional success, is in conjunction with the part of fortune, this indicates that opportunities for development and professional growth will come that can be considered as falling from the sky. Venus also tells us about women so there may be a woman in the office who gives you the opportunity. Sometimes luck and your intuition give you a helping hand. But you won’t always have a strong sense of direction, so some negotiations may turn against you this time around.

Money and Luck
You are in a difficult moment, you have many plans that require investments that are not available at this time. Your 2nd house of money and finances is ruled by Mercury who has just separated from the Sun in what we call “combustion”. This is interpreted as many ideas and desire for action, but inability to see clearly, we recommend that you take it easy and do not make decisions impulsively. The influence is going to change soon, don’t despair. This is a day that will provide you with the opportunity to make significant gains on which you will have to jump with both feet. But the major difficulty will lie less in a shortfall than in a risk of excessive expenditure.

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