Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 4th December 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 4th December 2018

Do not get impatient with a setback. Everything will be resolved in a positive way if you maintain the enthusiasm and joy that characterizes your sign in this final period of the year. Certain personal situations that had you worried begin to be solved in this cycle.

Now, with respect to your economy, avoid superfluous expenses and impulsive purchases because with Mercury retrograde tend to lose perspective. A conservative attitude is required. You will be doing different things than you are used to.leo daily horoscope today tuesday 4th december 2018

Do not let anything disturb your mental or sentimental tranquility, Leo. There are people who constantly try to create problems and negative situations in your love life, but if you ignore them and continue as you go, there will be no problems.

With planetary positions today you can ignore a treatment and spoil the good rhythm of a cure. Do not let a distraction affect your health. You must take care to be in the best shape throughout this festive season.

It will be easier for you to redo a job than to fix what someone did wrong. Do not waste energy on corrections, if you start from scratch you can finish your task in much less time, but try to finish it all before the night.

Money and Luck
The tendency to cover more than you can is causing you tensions and even economic losses. Do not waste your talent on businesses that you should not start now. The tonic should be patience and wait to earn more money.

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